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  1. Hi I am trying to find a new chin spoilers for my 77 Mustang Ghia and i am having a hard time finding any new part for my car any help would be great. It has been pretty much a single owner car and its finally starting to show it wear and tear. Thanks
  2. Thank You

    Thank you so much I love my car and it is finally going to get the work done on it that it needs! It's held up really well but now the little things are just starting to go. Thanks again
  3. Is that MS 78 air damn King Cobra style?
  4. No, it's different than either stock for spoiler.
  5. Celeste,

    If you are looking for a stock replacement spoiler, the MS78 from UPG would not be a good choice. Its a nice aftermarket fiberglass "airdam", but its not a stock replacement.

    The bad news is that no one is currently reproducing the MII factory front spoiler in its original urethane material. Someone IS making fiberglass reproductions of the spoiler, but they will need some work to fit, prep, and paint.

    Mustangs Unlimiited lists them in their 1974-2005 catalog:

    You may need the factory lower valence in place to attach it to. Those rarely survive any better than the chin spoiler does. You might check with the Mustang II used parts vendors to see if any of them has a usable used original part available...but they are likely to be above $150 for each (valence and spoiler), and not in perfect condition.

    Just another case where you have to be dedicated to be a Mustang II owner! ;)

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  6. I have an old version of the racing style spoiler on the Mustangs Unlimited site.

    Didn't use the valance. Mounting points are the original spoiler points on the fenders and more importantly a good bracing system to keep the chin up. Took me about three rebuilds to figure out how to keep it from tucking under at speed.

  7. I have the Mustangs Unlimited spoiler on my II. I made a couple of steel reinforcements for it. To be honest it looks really fragile, and when I put it on I figured for-sure I would break it. It has been on there for years, and it has held up really well. I suppose the fact that it is really thin gives it the needed flexability (made of super thin fiberglass):shrug: :D
  8. :lol:
  9. quote from mike78 "
    I found this one, but haven't purchased it yet.............
    its about halfway down the page, good luck!"

    Did ya get the MS-78? was wondering how it would look, and fitment?
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    Damn, i didnt even notice when he posted it...... it was late when i put that :shrug:
  12. Yea the cobra II ones look good, but was wanting something a little different. I call UPC and they might still carry the MS-78, but have never seen it on a car. it almost looks like the front spoiler/valance on the Lil-Eleanor. so im not sure. I know JC-WHitney carried one years ago, but its not on their site, might have to look in the old paper catalogue and call see if they still carry it.:D
  13. Opps sorry, I did not read the post well enough, didn't realize what you were really looking for. There was a dude on e-bay with a plan to make a Eleanor style body kit for Mustang II's. At the time he was selling the side exit, side skirts for a II, but in his little write-up he mentioned he may make a whole body kit. I checked e-bay today and did not see it, but you might want to periodically check it, as they may come up again.:shrug:
  14. Thats cool man, i seen the other cobra II style one on MU site also, but it said it fastens to the original valance pan, which we all know, are gettin hard to find also. I had a KC front air dam yrs ago and it went on a car i traded in (kicks myself in the ass for that one) but like that look, is why i was askin about the MS-78, i know there was another company that made em, cant remember the name out of cali, back in the late 70's they made kits for stang II and Pintos, and monza's and vegas etc. cant remember the name. sux that its so hard to find parts, also seen a GT500 style hood on here for a stang II, the style fro 67 and the style from 69 on spacemanns site link here
    Mustang II related stuff

    I would love to find some of the things he has.:jaw:
  15. I have had this one from Mustangs Unlimited on for a year, made it height adjustable. Low for shows raised for every day driving.
  16. Did ya have to mount to original Valance?
  17. I found a mint valance at a swap meet, I picked it off the ground in disbelief, the price said $60.00. I was in shock, which the seller saw as contemplation. He said"Give me $40.00 and it is yours". I paid him so fast, I almost broke my wrist.:D