!!!!!!!!New Classic Forum Rules!!!!!!!!!!! MUST READ!!!!!!!

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by oboebrian, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Due to excessive problems in the forum lately. Any references to the following will be immediately banned:

    A) Funky penguins
    B) Discussions on Eleanor and Eleanor Clones
    C) Any OT or thread hijackings.
    D) I6 to V8 conversions (be intelligent and do a search!)
    E) Pictures of me in drag (BTW I want those back who ever took them)

    That's all for now... more to come. Carry on!
  2. You mean we're not allowed to post about funky penguins driving Eleanor Clones made from I6 to V8 conversions in a shop that has a calendar with pictures of me [Oboe] in drag..??? :shrug:

    I guess this means we're also not allowed to hijack this thread either.... :(

    Thanks to a couple of loose lug nuts to spoil the fun! :nonono:
  3. Well, I missed the penguin thing, and the drag shots as well. And a ban on OT and hijackings will pretty much do away with the talk forum. And the I-6 conversions.......now what will SD talk about? The "E" cars???? Just when I was becoming more tollerant. At least one can still bash lame brained members of the law inforcement for the repeated attempts to inforce their state's revenue. :nice:
  4. that's banned now too


  5. Well SOB!!! Guess I'll just have to talk about spark plugs or some damn thing. :D
  6. Anyone know what today is by any chance?

  7. Doh!!! :bs:
  8. At least one can still bash lame brained members of the law inforcement for the repeated attempts to inforce their state's

    I think he was trying to Enhance the State's $ :rlaugh:
    :( But we need the cash.

    zookeeper, Anyone know what today is by any chance?

    Another day in the Fun Factory. :p

    Me thinks Obe should have :lock: this thread.
  9. :doh: the 4th of July? :shrug:

    btw....ANYBODY who wants copies of the "Oboe in Drag" pictures...PM me, I'll send you a COMPLETE set of 8x10 glossies
  10. :lol:
  11. Can we still say moderators are big mean poopy heads? (Not saying I would, Just asking ;) )
  12. hahaha I dont' really care Gp001 :D I was just having a horrid week and though I'd throw up some lame attempt at humor :D
  13. I know, that's why I used such a tame insult. Hope things get better for ya :D
  14. what about gp001 in drag. I got several to the highest bidder.
  15. *****Urgent lake breaking news******

    Bidding is now closed. It seems Foghorn was last seen being hoisted into a black helicopter by Sheeples. His last words were "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not the anal probe I'll give you the pictures"
  16. :D can we say KFC?
  17. anal probes........good.............lobotomys..................good..............foggie bad.....................foggie need anal probe and lobotomy..........then foggie be good :p
  18. the whole point of a talk forum is so that you can hijack posts. it isn't too cool in tech, but who cares here? and as far as I6-V8 swaps... yes searches are helpful but the search proggy on this site has never worked all that well, so whatever. doesn't bother me too much. finally, as much as I don't like eleanor, it is a major part of modern classic mustang discussion, and therefore certainly has a place in a talk forum...
  19. Can you say....APRIL FOOLS! :rlaugh:
  20. But what about Oboe in Drag? I'll swap pics of Pak being savagely attacked by Dixie Paper plates and Plastic spoons for it.....

    (Hijack threads? How do you do that?)