New Clutch fork?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Labora, May 11, 2005.

  1. What is involved with installing a new clutch fork? (do you have to remove the bell housing or just tranny/driveshaft) And anybody know where I can get one cheap?
  2. You will have to take the exhaust down, remove the driveshaft, take out the trans, disconnect the clutch cable, then remove the bellhousing to replace the fork. As far as finding one you might check junkyards and see what they have. Why exactly are you replacing yours?
  3. What 2L8ULUZ2 said... you could call junkyards or simply call D&D, I think I paid $30-$40 for one. The only replacement is a stock replacement, and our clutch fork IS different from a Fox.

  4. you don't need to remove the bellhousing to replace clutch fork though.. replaced my fork and 3 different throw out bearings and never had to remove bellhousing
  5. Just out of curiousity, if you were to keep the TOB inplace, couldn't you just remove the dust cover on the bellhousing and just swap the clutch fork???
  6. no because the TO bearing has to slid into the clutch fork a certain way

    and you have to have the fork out of the bellhousing to take the TO bearing on and off.. all i was saying is when you drop the trans you wouldn't have to remove the bell housing just to replace clutch fork.. still gotta drop trans and pull out fork and TO bearing.. just saves ya some trouble not having to bust off the bell housing
  7. Soo. Sounds like I'm looking at a new clutch fork, new T/O bearing, and some new fluid probably? (since I would somehow end up spilling it all everywhere).

    And I need a new one. Because I was grinding on the old one for a header install gone horribly wrong. :(
  8. :stupid:
  9. Btw which one of you have actually done this before? I got 2 diffrent people saying conflicting things. If I have to take the bellhousing off I'm probably not going to attempt this.
  10. all i know is what ive done.. and i have done quite a bit of clutches in the last few months getting down to the 2 and a half hour in and out mark..

    you do not need to remove the bell housing.. the fork along with the throw out bearing will slide off the input shaft.. just gotta angle it right and it will slide right off just throw a new TO bearing on your new fork reverse procedure and put it all back together.. its really not hard at all once you drop the trans you will see the clutch fork doesn't have to come off..
  11. You can remove the clutch fork and TOB without removing the Bellhousing.. but you do need to remove the tranny.... Also, since you have the clutch fork off, it would be a good idea to change the pivot ball... The one in my car showed a lot of wear.... so I replaced it..
  12. Anybody have the part number for the ball that the clutch fork pivots on? :shrug:

    And does Ford call the clutch fork and the T/O bearing. RELEASE FORK and RELEASE BEARING. Thanks.
  13. Anybody? I could also use a place to get t5 parts from at a resonable price. Need a clutch fork, t/o bearing, and pivot ball.
  14. I just get my parts from the local dealer. But if I were going mail-order, I'd definitely go with Hanlon Motorsports.

    And you can definitely replace the clutch fork without removing the bellhousing. I did exactly that a couple of months ago.