Drivetrain New clutch making noise

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  1. so i installed a new clutch the other day and when i started driving around it began to make this constant noise i dont really know how to explain it maybe as a sort of whizzing noise. its constant and changes with rpms. when i first start my car it doesnt make any noise its only when i start moving and switching gears that it starts up. im not really sure what it could be i did everything correctly the only thing i didnt really do i should of was lubricate the throwout bearing i did slightly lube it but not as much as ive seen others do. any help is appriciated thanks

    heres a video hopefully you can make it out:
  2. Is it raining or is something dripping from under your car?
  3. it was raining today when i drove it but it wasnt yesterday same result and i havent checked if anything was dripping ill check tommorow but i started to think it might be something throwout bearing related cause it makes a little bit of noise on start up some times then it turns into that noise. is it possible it could just be the clutch breaking in? my friend said that but im thinking its something else or is it possible it could be the clutch cable cause i had to manually adjust it. im going to look through the clutch fork cover tommorow to check it out
  4. If that is a TOB noise, then it's one I've not heard it make before. I can't say for sure that it's not after just listening to that video (sound quality was terrible/overdriven, maybe try backing away from the car a little) but it sounds to me like the flywheel might be making contact with the bell housing.

    Get under there and check to make sure that the tranny is mated all the way to the bell housing and that the bell housing is mated all the way to the block (no gaps).

    The part that DOESN'T support my theory, is that you said this just started. It did not make this noise after you got it all back together, right? If that's the case then you're probably right about it being the TOB.
  5. I've listened to it a few more times. It could be clutch chatter but what brand clutch is it?

    I hear what sounds like an awful lot of metallic "ping" to be just clutch chatter. When you put it all together, did you check and double check the clutch plate bolt torque?
  6. Oh... and you didn't grease it wrong. The amount of grease required for the TOB should be barely perceptible.
  7. ok so i checked it out today and found what looks like some contact of something to the pressure plate. ill put a picture up basically the side is scraped like something is rubbing against it making that noise. im not sure what it could be since nothings really in the area where that scratch is might just have to take it apart again and check :( and yeh everything was torqued doing the star pattern and also tightend equally. i didnt notice any gaps between the bellhousing but i didnt look too hard ill check again in a little. and its an exedy stage 1 with a new flywheel/pilot bearing and throwout bearing. im really stuck as to what could be making contact with the pp im starting to think the clutch fork but i dont think it could get the angle to contact it like that. its odd too because it doesnt make any noise for about a minute after it starts it doesnt make a difference if i drive it or not. the picture was kind of hard to make out my phone has a terrible camera thats why that video was so bad so i underlined where the wear is happening. download.jpg
  8. I turned the engine over by hand and listened near the clutch fork cover and i didnt hear any sort of noise that would explain the contact on the pressure plate. i lookedd at it and there are some really deep scratches in it i looked around and couldnt see anything that could be doing it any ideas? i think im just going to drop the trans again this weekend and see what i can find
  9. It sucks but that's probably your best bet. There may even be something rolling around in there that you can't see.
  10. Damn we are getting a lot of clutch installation problems lately. You'll just have to pull the transmission and have a look.

  11. The marks in the photo look like normal marks from the stamping out of the pressure plate. Its hard to tell. I personally think the noise sounds like a TOB. I've had ones with a rough spot that sounded like that. Good luck brother.
  12. yeh thats my terrible camera but i can tell you they werent there when i put it in and some are decently deep so im not going to be driving it until i figure this out. ive looked around and im starting to think it could be making contact with the clutch fork where it pivots. ill update this weekend when i take it apart again.
  13. You should be able to remove the clutch fork without pull the bellhousing. Sometimes those little clips on the back get bent and it doesn't go on the ball right. Once you have the cable off, you can pull the clutch fork straight out, and the rotate it to get it out of the bellhousing.

  14. just thought id give an update cause i hate seeing threads with no conculsion at the end. but basically i figured out im an idiot but a happy one lol. all it turned out to be was my smog pump line that goes to my exhaust i just got of shoved it up there and forgot about it meanwhile its disconnected making the strangest noise. could i actually just plug it? right now i just left it hanging until i figure someway to connect it to the exhaust but plugging it doesnt really sound like the best idea to me since airs coming out but i dont really know anything about the smog system. well thanks everyone that posted im thankful for all the advice
  15. Glad you got it figured out. Yes, you can just plug it.