Drivetrain New Clutch Picks Up At Top Of Pedal Travel

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by o3504bbl, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Hello all, I have searched the web and various mustang forums and can't find anyone with this problem. I just installed a new flywheel and clutch kit in my 01 GT. I took my time and made sure everything was done correctly, torqued all the bolts properly, and I didn't hang the transmission off the the clutch or damage the PP forks while re-installing the trans, and I didn't install the friction disc backwards. However, my clutch does not slip at all and doesn't engage until the pedal is all the way up, I have a billet quadrant, firewall adjuster and adjustable cable. I have it properly adjusted so there is just a small amount of play at the top, like about an inch, for whatever reason it always engages at the top and I can't even get it to slip unless I rev it to like 2 grand before I start to release and even then I only have like 1/2 inch before it grabs, it's basically just on/off like an unsprung puck style race clutch. Makes any take off extremely dificult and it shudders and rattles real bad. My old clutch was the factory one that had over 100k on it and was worn to where it just started getting into the the rivets, it just started slipping in 5th a couple weeks ago and it still picked up before the pedal was even half way up. The only thing I can come up with is they either sent me the wrong pressure plate or the friction disk, and I can't just put it back in the air and rip it all apart because it is my daily driver and it's an all day event. If anyone can give me some insight into what could be causing this before I call the vendor and tell they better send me a new clutch, I would be very grateful.
  2. What clutch did you replace it with?
  3. F1 Racing is the name, got it from gripforce clutches. I was gonna get an exedy mach 350, but gripforce was having a sale and I got the clutch with damn near the same power handling specs and made from the same material as the exedy, and it came with a lighter forged flywheel for $350. I went with that cuz the price and the fact that I knew I would have to get my flywheel resurfaced and no machine shops anywhere near here are open on the weekend and I have no choice but to do the work on the weekends cuz I need the car to get to work. Gonna call gripforce today and see what they say. If they make me send the whole thing back I'm just gonna buy a Ram HDX from AM.
  4. I am running a Ram HDX. I generally like the clutch, but do yourself a favor and use a ford racing TOB. The bearing they supplied with the HDX is squeeking after just 25k miles and 2 years.
  5. You need a second person but crawl under and have someone disengage the clutch to see what is going on under there. Could be something binding it or the cable is not functioning properly.