New Cobra gets smoked...

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SSinfull, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Hi, moving over to "SVT Talk" instead...
  2. that supra is bad ass. Is it me or on the first run did that cobra make a weird sound when he shifts? Supra's can be mean but it takes a lot of $ :(
  3. ahhh Supras suck



    My experience with Supras

    1. sit and spin

    2. bog and complain about turbo lag

    Havent had one beat me yet ...even when my car was stock.

    Turbo chargers seem like such a great idea, but everyone I know who has one has trouble launching at the track.
  4. Im with Dr. Wu, That car prolly had like 35 or 40 grand worth of mods. Fist of all I heard a Turbo and nitrous. And that was a huge turbo. No doubt that ricers can be fast, but it takes mucho dough. Id rather had 2 or 3 SN95 Cobras for what he payed for that silly ricer.
  5. that supra has a very good top end, and very very fast. but IMO its still a ricer even though its fast. I cant stand supras but they get my respect :shrug:
  6. I know, i know... You guys don't like Supra's and they are expensive to mod... Hell... I don't like Supras either!

    I was simply posting a vid that I thought was kinda cooooo. Not very often you get to see a race over 150MPH on the street!
  7. good vid, but IMO the guy driving the cobra didnt seem tho drive it right.... granted i couldnt see the tach but the shifting sound hesatant and also seemed too early... maybe just me. I dont know. But that was a fast car!
  8. nitrous sucks

    The ricer cheated, he had to use nitrous. You could see the flames coming from the tailpipes. What a piece of garbage, the ricer had to use nitrous to beat the mustang, otherwise, the ricer was being creamed by the cobra.

    The supra sucks, and he probably damaged his motor from using that much nitrous. Hey, if you're reading this ricer, your supra sucks and you didn't really beat the cobra, because you cheated. If the cobra would have used nitrous also, your super slow supra would have been a 1/4 mile behind in a few seconds.

  9. Wow. That was Pretty newbish! Rule of the street is what if the supra had what if the cobra didnt. That is a lame game to play "if i had That same mod I would beat you"........Point is, you dont.

    If the supra was tuned, the n2o was as safe as the boost it was running...Period.

    The supra is an import, but RICE is an ethic...not a vehicle.
  10. :stupid:

    I with the woodster on this one. Don't care if he had 100 thousand dollars into that Supra, or even a 300 shot of giggle gas. It's run what you brung and the Cobra didn't have enough that night!!! Anyone who runs a Supra from a high speed roll is just asking for a beating anyways. That is a modified Supra's strong point for christs sake! Now from a dig and racing for 1320 feet, the Cobra may be able to get him.... but on the highway at triple digits? Cobra owner got what he deserved....


    P.S. Someone explain to me how fire out the exhaust automatically equals the use of N2O? I've see turbo cars do that all the time.....WITHOUT N2O!
  11. u guys see the nitrous 351W fox body that took on a turbo supra in the streets?
    the stang kept up with it the whole way and lost by 1 car length or less, it was an awesome race.
  12. :scratch:
  13. I have to smoke him...
  14. Well! Would like to try?
  15. Haha, its funny how alot of yall think that the supra used nitrous, especially just b/c flames came out of his tailpipe. There was no nitrous there, just a BIG ass turbo. FYI my car when it decides to backfire shoot little flames out the pipes, I dont have nitrous, maybe I did but didn't know it :shrug: .
  16. I'm with U.M. on this one, he asked for it from a roll. IMO the Corba would take him in the 1/4!
  17. Last time I looked a 700hp car will beat a 450hp car every time. :shrug: Time to upgrade to a KB.
  18. Who races from a roll? Nascar does, but the rule book says everybodys equal. F1 races from a dead stop, and they are just as fast as the amount of money they put in their cars. Point is, 0-160 tells who has the best car. 70-160 tells who has the best driver. just my .02

    ps - what do yall mean by "the right way to drive?"
  19. who cares

    700HP or not, it's still a rice burner. It will never have the recognition a musclecar gets. It probably took him 50k to get that kind of power. We can get it with 20k or less.