New Cobra gets smoked...

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  1. You all can speculate and theorize this until you're blue in the face. It's still a ricer. I bet he's got 50K in that thing. 20K more in the Cobra and he woulda smoked that poopra. Don't get no respect. Yada, yada, yada...

    Bottom line is BRING IT, DON'T SING IT!

    The video posted above doesn't lie. The Supra was the better car in THAT race.

  2. Racing from a roll = weak sauce.

    That is all.
  3. Damn, some of you guys sre just die hard domestic-lovers aren't ya? Can't stand to see your flagship lose to a import? jeez. The cobra lost, so the other guy must have N20, a T88, and a million dollars to beat that cobra!!!! :rolleyes:

    Trust me, I love the Cobra's, but that one simply got :spot:'ed every time. And he wasn't even making excuses about it like you guys. Also, he wasn't using nitrous, do you realize how much fuel those Supra's use once they start getting into bigger turbo's? He was prolly running rich as hell, and it prolly ignited in the exhaust somewhere, and you saw the flames. Give the Cobra some credit, he kept up somewhat, but for the most part, got wrecked by prolly the fastest import ever sent over here from Japan. They shoudl've gone from a stop as well, but what are you going to do, that was the Cobra guys fault for not asking for that.
  4. Nice theory but it doesn't hold true. This seems like a no brainer but you could trap 120MPH and run 13s or trap 109 and tickle 11s. Suspension, weight, traction, and driver skill all play critical roles in determining which is really faster.

  5. on the 1/4, yes. but from a roll, the only thing that will matter is weight, which is what the race ONLY consisted of.
  6. Assuming you have traction, this is correct. I never understood the point of racing someone from a roll. :shrug:
  7. Cheated? :lol:
  8. That "Eeeeeeee" noise would be the sound of the supercharger!


  9. wow. you must not know much about Supra's. They're ALL selling like that beacuse of that stupid F&F movie. Most people know that Supra + big turbo + big boost = highway MONSTER. Most guys don't even run N20 unless they're track people to help the turbo spool at the track.
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  11. It was a stock brand new Cobra again's a high mod's Supra... For sure it's no match! 400hp Cobra vs 600hp Supra... It's not a fair play!
  12. The way I see it is that cobra got wasted. Going from a roll or dead stop, its both racing in my opinion. Plain and simple the cobra lost and the faster car won. The faster car being a supra seems to make a lot people uneasy and try to take away from its win. I give respect to that supra. It took time and money to get his car that fast just like how we do it with our mustangs.
  13. OMG...

    I can't believe this thread is going!!!!!!!!!

    I am most blown away by all the excuses people are making for the Snake...

    I have a freaking 03 cobra but I am educated enough on supras to know one simple fact:

    1. Supra + Single Turbo Upgrade = watch the F out!!!

    Most every Supra around my neck of the woods that has done the Single turbo upgrade is putting between 550-600+ HP to the freaking wheels!!!!!!

    Go to a freaking Supra Forum and read before making a fool out of yourself!

    And this whole deal on weight........ OMFG!!!!

    If you would have taken the time to research Supras you would have found that they barely weigh less then a 03-4 Cobra at like 3600lbs and some even weigh more depending on the year and what they have done to the car!!!

    And with a single turbo upgrade it would not have mattered if they raced from a roll, stop, or off a cliff...

    The Supra would have still owned that Cobra.


    My Favorite comment of the night is the post about the NOS BS... Every freaking import I have ever seen with a Monster turbo shoots flames under boost when shifting... Thats normal and is not freaking NOS.

    Man... I have never seen so many uninformed posts in one thread... ever!

    Would I ever buy a Supra? NO
    Do I like them? Not really
    Do I respect them? Yes!
    Can the Almighty 03-4 Cobra possible be beat...? YES!
    Did that Cobra get waxed in the vid YES!
    Would it have mattered if they raced from a stop? Yes.... The Supra would have been Many more car lengths ahead of the Cobra by the time it reached 160 :rlaugh:
  14. 03-04 cobra with twin screw KB and 4:10's=bye bye Eurotrash Supra, and that's under 6k.

    Mustang Cobra, the Ultimate muscle car for under 40k, now and in the future(06-07). Put another 5-6k in an 03-04 Cobra, and you'll beat almost everthing, even those overpriced AMG Mercedes, BMW M3's and M5's, Camaro's, corvette's, vipers, porche's, GTO's, Supra's, Ferrari's, and many more.

    Mustang Cobra, the essence of muscle cars.

    I don't care what you do to any eurotrash pos, it will never sound and rumble like the built in the USA Mustang Cobra MACHINE.

    Go Bush and Cheney
  15. Wow, lots of pretty stupid people on here. You like the Cobra, we get that, but do some research on the car before you trash it.

    BTW How can the Supra be Euro-trash when it comes from Japan. Get a clue. :nonono: :notnice:
  16. You can make any lump of crap fast if you dump enough money into it, so what's your point? Give me a Hyundai and 25K and I'll smoke your KB Cobra...


    You are using the "Ricer Mentality" with that argument!

  17. He has a good point that with 6k in mods the Cobra will take any street Supra. As I have said before on another post, “I have a friend that did a turbo and such on his Supra, after 70k in mods it’s finally reliable to drive and puts down 700hp giving the total cost including car around 100k.”

    You can get the same results in a new Cobra for less then 45k. The Cobra is still the better bang for the buck, but the Lotus Elise is a close second. With a turbo kit on the Lotus they are running mid 10s :jaw:

  18. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Dumbest thread ever :bang:
  19. With 6K in mods teh Cobra can neva lose!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: