New Cobra gets smoked...

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  1. :shrug: I like supra's :shrug:

    They pull like what, .98g's on stock tires. :nice:

    You guys need to give credit where credit is due.
  2. i give supras credit. but there was a '5.0 Mustang' mag article where they got a 03 cobra up to 600RWHP or something like that. i would like to see that race but the supra is stupid fast.

  3. Chalk another uninformed post up from someone that needs to do some research before speaking...

    Eurotrash pos.....??????????????????

    There must have been one hell of a Tornado for Japan to end up in Europe!!! RONTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

    And if you really think an 03 Cobra is untouchable with 6k in mods, your no better then the ricers you seem to hate so much!

    Oh.... wait.... I mean Eurotrash!!! LOL
  4. what?

    That is a moronic comparison, who cares about a Hyundai. It doesn't matter what you do to a pos Hyundai, it will never smoke a cobra, unless you dump 70k into the pos import.

    Think before you say something that stupid
  5. you're a flip flopper like John Kerry

    First you say,"put 25k into a pos HYUNDAI and it will beat anything", then you say,"put 6k into a 03 Cobra and it will never lose. You sound like John Kerry, say whatever will make you look good to the majority, then change it when the majority is of another opinion. You side with whoever is in the majority at that time.

    Do me a favor, and take a lesson from our great president George Bush, TAKE A POSITION AND STICK WITH IT, AND DON'T CHANGE IT SO PEOPLE WILL LIKE YOU MORE, OR LESS FOR THAT MATTER. Stick with it, you flip flopping Kerry lover.

  6. loser

    What a total waste of money, 70k for 700hp in a pos import. Now you're stuck with a 100k pos import. Put 6k in an 03-04 Cobra and you have pretty darn close to 700hp, and you'll probably cream that pos Supra.

    Mustang Cobra, MADE IN THE USA.
  7. You can make any lump of crap fast if you dump enough money into it, so what's your point? Give me a Hyundai and 25K and I'll smoke your KB Cobra...
    You are using the "Ricer Mentality" with that argument!

    Dude.... take a deep breath, now exhale, take another deep breath and exhale again..... now relax ..... are we feeling better yet?
    The statement I made was neither moronic nor stupid. It was meant to make a very valid point, which evidently went way over your inflamed head. With enough money you can make ANYTHING fast! Need proof? Here watch this: Mini-van beats Z28/Runs 12's

    Now, aren't you the one who stated that flames coming out of the exhaust on the Supra meant he was using nitrous? No? Here let me remind you...
    Here's a suggestion for you.... "Engage your brain before putting your mouth (or in this case keyboard) in gear". The flames are from unburnt fuel being dumped into a hot exhaust Mr. Wizard.
    Kerry lover! Damn those be fightin' words! :rlaugh: Lets see here... you said I was moronic, then stupid, and now a Kerry lover. How old are you again? I think you should take your OWN advice. Don't you remember when you posted this in the Some Clarification: '03 Mach 1 vs '01 Cobra thread?
    Once again man, you are getting wound up way too tight over nothing! I think you need an industrial dose of Valium or something.... remember, keep taking those deep breaths and exhaling, and relax...

    Now Mr. Stud, lesson number one on posting messages in a forum... the smiley faces are there for a purpose.

    :lol: <- This means the statement made directly above the post was in jest, a.k.a. humor. Here is a link in case you don't understand what humor is: Click Me

    When I said, "With 6K in mods, teh Cobra can neva lose", I was making a joke about the BLIND FAITH many people like yourself have in the 03/04 Cobra. Yes it's a great car, I should know because I own one! But to be so naive to think nothing can beat it with just 6K in mods shows how misinformed you really are.

    Well at least some of it is made here... transmission is from Mexico, most of the electronics come from Japan, yada, yada, yada.


    P.S. I took a look at all 34 posts you've made here on Stangnet. Many of your posts are harsh and negative in nature. You are a very angry individual... In fact, many of your posts are in threads which eventually got locked. I think you're just pissed off because your '99 Cobra is now getting spanked and slapped around by the new Mach 1's! Sucks not to be king of the hill anymore huh?
  8. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Im tired of all the :bs: Can we change the subject?
  9. cool vid, went to dyno day coulple weeks ago and there were 4 supras over 675 hp. Most the cobras were in the 450 hp range. The supras had 7-10 years of modsand were totally rebuilt. The Supra was what a $55k car then, adjusted for inflation would be a 60-70 k car now. 2 different classes of car. Run the Supra against a cobra with 20k of mods and see the difference. The video was still cool, no way Id try that on the street I wouldnt want to risk my car/life for a 30 second video
  10. Wow, I think many people in here need to switch to an import forum or something. I just drove in a 2003 cobra yesterday with a ported blower, and smaller pulley, chip, exhaust, intake, get the picture, 580 at the wheels, lets just say, you were not going to pass it, not from a roll and not from a stop. fastest accelrating car that you can buy for under 100grand PERIOD! This car by the way, only cost a total of 30k after mods, so I reitterate, if you own one of these and do not think the way I do, well than you need to go out and put a "whipple" blower on these. 700hp is in your future, and if you really care about weight and all that from a roll crap, than you can always just gut your car out.
    03/04 cobra=greatness :hail2:
  11. Wow, I've never seen so much stupidity concentrated in one point. No surprise, once you mix Bush followers and Ford owners, you're likely to get hillbillies from Deliverance or stangnet members. I suggest the special ed. cases here turn off the NASCAR channel and open a book to first and foremost figure out that Japan is not in Europe.
  12. LOL, wow some need to get over their cobra bias and respect these cars, first ive been around and there are barely ever 70k in mods that you guys are talking about, hardly any have that much in them, and if they do their looking at 1000+ hp. I know for a fact you can get t51 turbo kits from mvpmotorsports for 6999. That turbo is EASILY capable of 700hp. Well apparently I didnt realize all the other parts in the engine needed to get this turbo on there added up to 63000 DOLLARS!!!!!! give me a break.

    I would talk the flames out of the exhaust issue but he got told.

    if you like supra videos i would check out register and download the supra vs 351 mustang i think was mentioned earlier in this thread. That supra was running on only 8lbs of boost, i forget the link to the poster of the video i found on some other forum. That t51 he has is easily capable of wayyyyyy more boost. But the sound of him purging mixed with spooling his turbo before the race is insane. Ya these single supras mostly use nitrous, to spool there turbos.

    Get off the bandwagon and see these cars for what they are. Cobras and supras are great, different types or car, but both great cars.
  13. You can trap 120mph in a Supra for less than $1000. After that if you want Hayabusa beating power, it's up to you how fast you want to go depending on the size of the turbo you chose. 130mph trap speeds, then go for a t-63, 140mph traps then go with a t-71. You want to easily beat twin-turbo nitrous fed Vipers like Peter Blach does, then you can go even bigger. All this from a 10 year old car that will in stock form outcorner and outbrake Porsche GT series supercars with the durability, reliability, and quality of a Lexus. You don't believe me, go look at the stats or better yet drive one. There's a reason that 10 year old Supras with 100,000 miles sell for $20,000. Open your eyes and closed minds.
  14. They sell for $20,000... if they're automatic. The 6spds are still going for a hard set price of $24k. If you're lucky and find a '98 in good shape with low low miles.. you're looking at around $40,000 for the car. Supras brand new? Stickered at $49,000. They haven't lost any value due to their reliability, quality and most of the motor. It was a car that was way ahead of it's time.

    Hell I drive a Cobra but I would never disrespect a Supra. And it does not take $50k to freakin' make it fast. Here is a rough break down:

    $10,000 for turbo kit, including manifold, turbo of your choice, external wastegate, intercooler, and all the necessary piping and clamps, etc.

    $2000 for the fuel system.

    $1500 for engine management and tuning.

    $1000 for exhaust.

    $4000 for P&P heads, a set of cams and upgraded valves, springs and retainers.

    $0 for stock short block, stock tranny, stock rear end.

    You have a setup that will make up to 1000whp, realistically 900whp, for under $20k.

    It is the same as any other 9sec car you're trying to build.. just alot cheaper and sexier :)
  15. You guys crack me up, I know the guy who owns that supra. He has maybe $4,500 in performance mods done to that car. No NOS either. T67 p-trim turbo and that wasn't even on high boost. That was low boost and stock fuel.
  16. You've got that completely ass backwards.
  17. i love the 03 cobra, but i pretty much look at a suped up supra as if it were a porshe. Pretty much same enginereing. Like someone said earlier they are highway beasts. I was happy that by the looks of it a pretty much bone stock cobra held up with the hyped up supra. I have a vid (having trouble posting it) of a 03 cobra and a twin turbo supra, racing from like a 40mph roll. The cobra pulls away right off the bat in every race, but it looks like he shifted to slow into 5or6th and the supra slowly(i mean slowly) reeled him in. But they race from a lower mph and he cobra walk away. They race from a dead stop and the cobra walks away. The supra in the posted video sounded a hell of a lot more tuned than the one i have seen. Remember guys there's always a faster car, no matter who makes it.
  18. Cobras are sweet, but if someone offered me a drive in a T78 supra, i wouldn't say no. I have a friend that comes out to the sunday night car meets. Has a 1000hp supra. Overkill IMO, but omg does it move. The supra in this video has NOTHING on him. I won't say the guy's name, but he lives in SC and he will destroy any car on the east coast. Even a Cobra you ask? Yes. Even a Cobra. He has a T88 turbo. We videoed it on the highway going 80mph and then hitting 150mph in approx. 4 seconds. The thing shakes the ground when it flys by and the turbo sounds like an aircraft engine. 1000whp and NO nitrous.
  19. Some of you guys are clueless.

    Put a single turbo on the Supra and it will easily make 500 rwhp. Bump up the boost and run some race gas if you really want the high rwhp numbers. All of this can be done for under $5,000. Not that much if you ask me. Some of you seem to think it takes $30,000 to make a Supra extremely fast.
  20. WTF? If that Cobra you rode in really did have 580 rwhp it had alot more than the mods you need an aftermarket blower for those kinds of numbers. And it is not the fastest accelerating car for under $100,000. I am not going to give it much thought, but I can pretty much assure you a Supra can be made incredibly fast for way under $100,000. Same with a Z06. Or how about a Viper? Should I go on?