New Cobra gets smoked...

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  1. I love that sound. :D
  2. Most of these posts are quite funny. Who gives a rats %&& what the supra had under the hood. The cobra got beat.. Big deal.
    First let me say "If My mother had wheels she would be a oldsmobile" "If I stuck a rocket engine in my butt I could beat the SR71 to new york from Calif." None of that has anything to do with it. He got beat.. What all of you should really be looking at is the fact that both of them are STUPID!! I know I will get a lot of crap from 18 year old high schoolers but running on the street like that is dumb and gives all hipo car builders a bad name.

    Keep it fun keep it safe keep it on the track!!
  3. Originally Posted by chuckystang
    fastest accelrating car that you can buy for under 100grand PERIOD! 03/04 cobra=greatness


    The fact that this thread is still going just blows me away but not as much as this statement! LOL
  4. What does it matter how much money the guy in the Supra spent? I own both an '04 Cobra and an '87 LX. My LX is two seconds quicker than the cobra for less than half the price. That day the Supra was quickest-end of story-no excuses.
  5. So fawking true! :rlaugh:
  6. yup, you guys must be right about those "10k turbo kits" :bang:


    And before anyoen says it, yes I know there is a 7k TT HKS kit on the website but I don't know of many (if any) supra owners that use that set up since most prefer the overall performance gains of a single turbo.

    I love supra's and cobra's both but you've got to give each car respect where it's due. In most races from a dig the Cobra would most likely stay ahead but as speeds increase, particularily past the 1/4 mark, the undisputed highway/dyno queen will take to it's thrown.

  7. the car had a whipple blower by the way haha, and it can produce up to 700 hp, you all have to realize that there comes to a point that on the STREET, it is hard to tell the difference from a cobra with 600 hp and a supra with 800 and that really who freakin cares as long as you are having fun. The supra is a great car, the best of its kind really but if you want to throw enough money into your cobra it can kick the **** out of that supra, but then again, you can make a freakin aztek have 700 hp which is what gm did awhile back just for fun. But for the money, another words a brand new car with warranty, NOTHING COMES CLOSE to a stock 04 cobra for 30 grand...well some may come close but not beat it. (sti, evo, all those other pocket rockets).
    It is nice to know that stock for stock, the cobra is king of the road for hp per dollar.
  8. did anyone see the nov caranddriver, they tested 16 supercars and the fastest car ran the 1/4 in 11 sec. Many cobras have seen 10's. by the way none of those cars were stock. so my question is, where the hell was the mustang in there going up against the vipers, vettes, and lambos? I feel that the mustang gets forgotten and underestimated because it is well a mustang but do you see my point. the new cobras have so much potential unlike any new car today, remember they do not build supras today!
  9. The mustang lost fair and square. I've been street racing for 15 years and drag racing for 9 years and the rule is "Run what you brung and hope you brung enough!!" That night the Supra brung enough. It may of had more mods than the cobra but hey its fair on the street. The Cobra owner could of declined to race since the Supra posibly had more mods but did'nt and subsequntly got his doors blown off. A word to the wise is to learn about the compitition and how they run with mods.
    I'm a huge mustang fan but read about other cars and I found that I like the Supra best of all cars from japan. What immpreses me is that with the FACTORY short block and a huge turbo some have ran 8's!! :hail2:
    The Cobra is a great car too. But I never well in love with the looks of the 99-present models like i did when I saw my first LS1 T/A.So I bought one and I love it.
    I still race my '88 Saleen though. Back in '95 when it was bone stock it ran high 14's and this summer I got it down to [email protected] on 4 year old slicks and a bad 1.49 60'.
    As for the cobra being best hp per dollar.It might be. But watch out for the new '05 GTO. Its going to have the 400hp LS2 and I also heard that in a couple of years dodge will have the hemi in the 425hp range and plans on building a charger. Things are goings to get exciting.
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