New Cold air kit (no tune required)

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  1. So last wendsday i had a custom tune done by shawn at so cal tuning with my new SCT x2 dynoed out with good numbers and today i was at AFE in corona. We were proto typing a new Cold air kit for the V6! very nice unit. and they say no tune required. anyway i caled SCT because i wanted to remove the tune and datlog the dyno for shawn if he needed to retune after the testing was done. both SCT and shawn said no way without tune. so first couple passes were ok so we unhooked the battery had lunch and came back. stock without tune was 197 RWHP 182 RWtork :D pretty happy they asked me to run it for about 500 miles and the we will recheck . i asked if we could try out my tune just for the heck of it hp and torque staid about the same but the curve was yeeha adrian noticed a big diff off the line. we did a drag dyno and did 86mph in the 1/4mile stock tune. we set the tune back to stock for testing (about a week ) any way after i left i stopped by to let shawn know and he said not to rev do to lean :bang: so we hooked it up to his machine and he was surprised the mix was right on he even said he wanted to add some timing to it. so here is the link ill get pricing and when it will be released i hope next week check out the size of the filter :)
    here is a link to what we did today

  2. whoa.... 86mph in the quarter? is it an auto?

    EDIT: i say this because that is kind of low. The worste run i did was at 87mph and that was a tire spinning granny shifting 16.4
  3. yea and thats stock no tune on a dyno by there guy i am sur if they would have let me do it it would have been better
  4. so here is the dyno with the cai and tune. regular gas and still needs retweeking to add timing

    notice the torque
  5. so these gains are from a CAI only, and you don't need to retune what so ever? what if you do retune, will there be no increase?
  6. wow, when you look at those to pics in a slide show, the stock runs are almost identical, but the retune seems to achieve its gains much quicker...
  7. yea cant wait till the test is done so i can tweek the tune and reinstall it
  8. pretty cool NO TUNE NEEDED if anything the guy that tuned my car with mt xcal 2 said after the test he will add timing
  9. no tune needed? looks like the tune lets you hit higher torque and hp quicker...
  10. exactly the tune is not needed but i would do it. i am just saying you can add the CAI and then latter you can add the tune. as money lets you. i dished out some heavy cash for the custom tune and tuner for my car. but i can afford it some may not be able to. i cant wait to put the tune back after the testing period is over. but hey the wait is worth the free CAi
  11. wish i could get a free cai, lol, good work though!
  12. i wish that i lived somewhere cool, like so cal. it seems that there are people in need of test cars there all the time. free stuff is always a plus.
  13. Cant read that second dyno graph, what are the peak numbers? and is this an auto or manual.
  14. NICE, I'm really interested in this one! Let me know when it goes on sale. I don't really like the top silver cover. Will it be black on final production? Overall I'm impressed with the fact that a tune is not required, me being a poor college student.
  15. the cover is buffed aluminum im sure it could be painted if you wanted
  16. I am really impressed...seems the V6 can achieve greatness w/o a tune!
  17. so here is the deal. 328 miles 7pm going up the 405 over the hill overdrive off punched it and the light came on :bang: so i pulled the codes with my xcal2 and it said i was lean. so i took it over to my friend at the dealer and we hooked it up to the WDS and did a freeze frame of the event. i was punched and at 78.9 MPH under heavy load when it happened. when we checked it it was running a little lean but hey its a proto type. so i went to AFE tuesday and we checked it out. It is right on the edge we hooded it up the the dyno and i also datalogged with my Xcal 2. so they changed the adapter to alow a little more air and decrease the velocity it richened the mix. so i will drive another 500 miles and see how it goes. 100 miles so far ill keep you posted.
  18. ok 550 miles no light no prob. i made an appointment to meet them on tuesday they will do one last dyno and take picks for the instructions and give me the painted box and coated cover. yeeha cant wait to put my tune back in.
  19. man, i think this will be the best CAI for us v6ers, i like the setup too, and so far it sounds good, thanks afixer for the info :D