New Cold air kit (no tune required)

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  1. so i took my wife to the dealer to pick up her windstar (new transmision installed) and while i was there i went over to my buddy and we hooked up the mustang to the wds and datalogged it long and short term fuel trims. the car is right on he was very impressed. so they did it CAI extra HP and NO TUNE REQUIRED, but we all now that as soon as i leave AFE on tuesday i will be stopping by shawn to have my tune retweeked! :D
  2. I can't read any of those numbers on the graphs. Really is a good idea to go ahead and post the numbers in the body of the message. Anyone help me out? Stock numbers vs CAI numbers? Thanks.
  3. tuesday i should have new dyno readouts ill post them then
  4. Looking forward to the dyno results! Thanks!
  5. Where's the dyno? We need, we need.
  6. ok here is the dyno it was 10 am tuesday about 85 outside. i sntalled the tune but it was pinging so i removed it i am having it retuned on tuesday.
  7. afixer... that dyno is without a tune, right? 13hp gain... lovely!
  8. I believe that 13hp is with the tune
  9. No Tune, No Tune Bone Stock Except For Gt Muffler Takeoff
  10. i installed the tune and we did a pass. the torque came on real fast and peaked around 203 but it was pinging so i didnt post it. the thing breathes so good!, with the tune it was just too much and it was pinging like crap so i removed it. i had had the tune done about a week befor the guys at AFE offerd me the prototype. and we removed the tune for the test. i was looking forward to installing the tune but ill have to wait till tuesday. i said it before if i had installed this kit before i got the tuner i may not have bought the tuner. the CAI works that good!
  11. 13hp without a tune? sign me up :)
  12. awsome!!! no tune huh? fantastic! how long before they are going to be released?
  13. next week. i will ask them where people can buy them. i know v6 stuff sell the v8 model
  14. very very cool. any idea on pricing?
  15. ok so here is the lates. just talked to the guy at AFE he said that the kit will not come with the cover like mine just a rubber gasket like the others to save money. MSRP will be about 199.99 but we should be able to find it cheeper on line. also they will be coming out with a stage 1 unit with the tube in the future and it will have the cover. so ill try to get more info as it comes.
  16. Thanks for the info!
  17. So for those who want to retune, is it better to go with this model and like a SCT2, or is this model better one it's own. (ie: would be better to go with another brand of CAI for a complimentary retune to go wit it)

    K&N CAI & SCT2 vs. AFE CAI & SCT2
  18. so here are the airflow numbers. this thing moves the air! tune or no tune i think this one is pretty good. in my opinion
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