New Cold air kit (no tune required)

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by afixer, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. ok so here is the dyno after the tune. the only prob was that sean said it was still lean at stock but the tune fixed it. so i called AFe and we will talk in the morning. to figure this out. all keep you guys posted. buy the way
    yeehaa ! car runs great!
  2. afixer, that is the dyno after the tune? i thought it was 13hp without a tune. You would think if it was lean without a tune, and then tuned it would pick up more power. Who knows. i think 13hp without a tune is great, but with a tune i would hope for more like 17 or so.
    also i noticed that your dyno has the same probs as all the other automatics with the torque convertor lockin up causing spikes and throwin the numbers off. looks like its throwin hp numbers off bout 6-10hp (granted the gain is still there, but the 205hp is a spike, not actual hp.)
  3. yea so stock i was about 183. with the CAI i was about 192 now with the tune im at 205. the big dif is how fast the torque comes on. off the line the car is much quicker. im happy with it!
  4. What im tryin to tell you that the 205.1hp mark on your dyno chart is an artificial spike. If the chart had smoothing enabled you would probably see that drop down to 199 or 198 peak hp. I do agree with the torque though, comes in very nice.
  5. yea i know the shop sean uses the dyno from does some pretty good stuff. and i know they are all tring to look good with the numbers. the car does run pretty good. and thanks for the reply
  6. Your still picking up around 13 rwhp, which is about 16 extra at the crank for an auto. Ignoring the auto spike, your maxing at around 199 rwhp, which is 243 at the crank (using 18% for the loss due to the auto trans). I doubt the GT muffler is doing anything for the power so that 13 rwhp gain is probably all CAI. That's not bad for CAI+tune and great for just a CAI. (I'm still can't tell if the extra 13 rwhp dyno is with or w/o a tune). Both dynos (1st w/o tune, 2nd with tune [?]) you posted indicate a 13 HP gain but the peak HP numbers are different. The 1st dyno is cut off at around 5000 rpms with the HP trace still rising. Thus, it only shows up to about 180 HP before it ends. What was the max HP value from the 1st (no tune?) dyno?
  7. ok so here are both dynos. the first one is just with the cold air kit added so the base line is stock with the gt muffler then with Cold air kit. the second one from superior was with the gt muffler and cold air kit as a baseline. and then we added the tune. the big diff was in the torque. both days were very hot out so the air temp was close to 100. also the first dyno was on a mustang dyno and the second was on a dyno jet.
    hope this helps.
  8. Im suprised that first dyno chart goesnt show peak numbers, its hard to figure it out by just lookin at them. From what i can read, u got in the 160hp (which on a dynojet would be around 180 or so) range base and then about 199 on the dynometer dyno. which is still a really good gain, close to 20hp from cai and a tune.
  9. thats what i am thinking (fealing)
  10. I concur afixer. Looks like you got a honest 199 rwhp (243 crank) from the CAI plus Tune. Also, since you dynoed on a very hot day, your probably closer to 250 HP for a cool/dry day.

    Excellent for just those 2 mods!!!!