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  1. Im not much for conspiracy theories , other than the fact we never landed on the moon, there are UFO,s , black choppers constantly fly over my house , Elvis is alive and works a fruitstand in Tijuana, and mutant clowns want to eat my jello pudding cups. But THIS,,is some seriously weird s#$%. Remember the Boeing Airliner that hit the Pentagon?. Watch this…..
  2. oh brother such a lie.

    A plane hit no doubt about it.
  3. What I want to know is, how does everyone know snopes is right?
  4. you forgot JFK.

  5. its not that we know they are "right" but they do point out information that is usually missing from the other theories being put forth.
  6. A large plane hit it. I've been to the pentagon a couple times (for pleasure, not business, I don't have enough of anything, be it on my shoulder or my collar to have business there). Both times after September 11th, including once before reconstruction was completed. I was just in the area not to long ago. Trust me, a large plane hit it. You must remember something, that plane was loaded for a cross country flight. IOW, high fuel load. When that much JP-4 (or 5, or 8 or what ever civilian spec fuel they might have been using) is ignited is gets hot enough to melt/disintegrate the people, the luggage on board and the metal fuselage.

    That's why the WTC towers fell, the heat of the explosion litterally melted some of the support beams and severely damaged others. Whole floors disintegrated.

    This was not a typical crash where the plane is largely intact but wreaked by fire and the people killed by the shear impact. This was a very large, very hot explosion. That plane simply ceased to be.

    The pentagon wasn't the intended target BTW. You don't spend years planning to hit a target as large as the pentagon and hit such an innocuous area of it and go short doing it. They overshot their target.

    BTW, we did land on the moon. That conspiracy has been around for decades and disproven many times. JFK on the other hand, I have no doubt was killed by the mob by more than one gunman. I don't care if Oswald was a Marine with 20 expert awards and scout sniper training. He did not get that many shots off with that precision on a moving target. That's not mentioning that simple ballistics can show that Kennedy to a shot from the front. Both Jack Ruby, ad Joe Kennedy were mob connected and allegedly Joe Kennedy was deep in their debt. You do the math, so to speak.

    *edit* BTW, a Missile would likely have done much more damage. Missiles target center of mass. It would have hit the center ring of that section and exploded. There would have been a circular crater. A smaller craft would have done MUCH less damage. The explosion wouldn't have been as large and plenty of aircraft evidence seen, and it would have been plain where the wings impacted the building, etc, etc.
  7. oh, hey hop, if you live in NC, there is afew bases that that would have black helicopters. So that's why they fly over your house.

    There are UFOs though. If I take a plane up without filing a flight plan, the minute I appear on radar, I am a UFO (or a Foo fighter as the old fogey's called 'em.)

    Mutant clowns and and pudding and elvis. Okay....
  8. Yeh that's what I thought. I was just thinking about the Aussie grandma shoots rapist in testicles story or whatever it is. I mean snopes basically says that no, while it would be a heroic story it's not true, because there are different variations of it. When a story spreads you get different variations on it, doesn't mean the original story wasn't true. Anyways, thanks!

    I can sorta see how it could be argued that it wasn't a 757 that hit the pentagon. How big is a 757 anyway? The hole it made wasn't very big. There is some wreckage around the place, one pic in particular on snopes, which shows plane skin. Also, the fireball that errupted is no explosive, it was definitely a sheetload of fuel burning, not an explosion.
  9. This is being argued over in other parts of Stangnet. That video has already been proven to not only take quotes out of context, but flat out lie. A missile did not hit the building, the explosion proves that. That video tape of the Pentagon is being misunderstood. The camera itself is not correct to capture something moving that fast, and the plane is about 1/6 of a mile or more away. Here are the other threads, go through and read them.
  10. as far as i am concerned, after watching the video of the assination several times, i agree that there were two gunmen, and one of them was towards the front of the car, hmmmm........right where the grassy knoll was. yes i have also visited the site as well. oswald only got off three shots, two were hits and one was a head shot, BUT the last shot snapped kennedy's head backwards, the exact opposite that oswalds shots had done, indicating that last shot came from in front of kennedy. i think that kennedy may have been able to survive the two rounds he took from oswalds weapon, but the third hit, from a larger caliber weapon from what i can tell, was the fatal round.

  11. Agreed. It was a sad day for Republicans the day that Ford lied on the Warren Commision. Course, he probably had a gun to his head too by the "Men In Black." Glad to see someone in the know talk about Jack's daddy, Joe. He was as crooked as they come. Almost as bad as Clinton. :D

  12. I'll disagree, the hole it made was huge. But you're right, it was fuel ignitting, not an explosive.
  13. I almost brought that fact up too. Plus, as it snaps his head back, you see a small splatter of blood coming from the front, and one frame later, a huge splatter from the rear. That's consistent with a shot being fired from the front (exit wounds are larger.)

    Oswald was firing a bolt-action, small caliber rifle. No way that his rifle made that wound. That would is more consistent with a 30-30 or .30-06 or a .303.

    Heck, I'd believe that round came from a 9mm or .38 special before I'd believe Oswald fired it.

    If I had to guess, I'd guess Oswald and Ruby were both in on it. Ruby thought Oswald would talk and he figured that he would get a lighter sentence for shooting "The man who killed Kennedy" rather than for helping to shoot Kennedy. Makes sense to me anyways.
  14. I agree with Rbohm too, there was another shooter. Ive seen a couple people shot with small arms, one with a ss supersonic(high powered) round. The only time you will ever have an entry where the body moves against the direction of the round, is with an uninvolved extremity. Ie if someone standing were shot in the stomach, the impact will drive the impacted area in the same direction . Extremeties such as the arms may move opposite of the direction of the round, and in reality , even most of that is only in appearance as the rest of the body is suddenly moved the direction of the impact. JFK was tagged twice. The second shot was from a forward position , another rear shot would have duplicated motions. As far as the plane crash , the only thing that hinks me up are the wings. I can bite on the rest of the plane burning away in the heat. JP fuel burns clear its so hot, but the wings are always left. Always. Where are they? And on a 757 they are HUGE. The hole left in the outer perimeter did not have wing impact damage. They didnt just "fold in". They couldnt. Everything else can add up. But the wings. DAMN THE WINGS !!!! :rolleyes:
  15. If you think it is a conspiracy just find somebody who was there that day. My buddys dad works in the pentagon and was there when it all happened. **** like this pisses me off. I guess the video we saw of the twin towers was planted at news stations by the government too right? We didnt find whole airplanes there so it has to be a lie. What a bunch of jack offs.
  16. All just conversation Bro. Fun to yak about. The wings are definately a mystery, but truth be told, Why ? Why would there be a conspiracy of any type involving a plane flying into the Pentagon ? If it was to get war drums beating, it wasnt neccessary . That happened with the Towers . :shrug:
    All I know is :flag: .
  17. It goes back to there being a New World Order which will make the whole world one big police state. Basically, people come up with these ideas because they never got huged as a child. :( :D
  18. Must have been edited by Michael Moore.

  19. Good one. What a freak. :D