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  1. KInda Off Stopic, but kinda not....
    Both President Bush and John Kerry are members of the "The Skull and Bones".
    Or at least they are according to the wikipedia
    Quotes Backing Up There Membership:
    "It's so secret, we can't talk about it." (George W. Bush in a February 8, 2004 interview; with Tim Russert [2] (

    "Not much, because it's a secret." (John Kerry in an August 31, 2003 interview; with Tim Russert, on what his and Bush's membership "tells us" [3] (
  2. Actually,t he wings could just fold in.

    The engines on an AH-1W (one of the aircraft I work on) are designed so that they break and fly outwards instead of into the pilots. Like wise, it would be an easy feat to cause the wings to snap int he front and not int he rear and just "hinge" back. At that point the explosion would easily consume the wings. But I have to tell you, I saw the hol eint he pentagon. It was huge. Those wings didn't have to be to close to the fuselage for the fire to consume it. Especially with the amount of fuel onboard.
  3. I mean one of the perfect circle holes in the wall just taller than the firies in that flash movie Hop posted. Was the plane that small? I have no idea how big a 757 is. I thought 747s were big and thus a 57 would be bigger.
  4. old news...GBush1 was also a member...neither candidate attempted to hide their membership

  5. God no. A 757, while bigger in number is much smaller than a 47.
  6. Ok, thanks Oz.
  7. I did not attend several funerals as part of a conspiracy. Anyone who believes in this crap should adorn a tinfoil hat and sit in the f'in corner. No wonder this country is going to shat.

    Also, keep in mind this wasn't a "normal" building, it was foritfied. Try ramming a compressable object through a hole smaller than its diameter. For example, anyone who believes this crap should ram their soft head through a hole in a brick wall that is half the diameter of their head. Preferably do this at high speed and add a highly flammable liquid to the mix.

    If still not convinced adjust your tinfoil hat and read the following

  8. Sitting in a corner with a tin foil hat would serve no usefull purpose except to block aliens from reading your mind. Eveyone knows that. :rolleyes: Now, forcing your head through a small hole could do 1 of many things, including propogation. :nice: If a burning sensation is felt, it probably isn't from a flameable substance. :(
  9. You're also forgetting that the wings of commercial airliners are also fuel cells as is the center (box) wing section which ties the wings into the fuselage.

    It figures that it was some sniveling coward from France that started that whole conspiracy theory too........I say we invade France as soon as we're done in Iraq.

    On a similar vein, I ask that everyone take a moment tomorrow (9/11/04) to remember and say a prayer for those who lost their lives in the attack three years ago.

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  10. Absolutely! Pictures of that day are bad enough, but the burning image in my mind of the familes of the funerals I attended will never let me forget.
  11. My personal thoughts are that yes, the 757 crashed into it. The wings do perplex me a bit , but the bottom line is there just isnt a viable reason to form a conspiracy over the whole deal. :shrug:
  12. you know, it's disappointing that the classic mustang crowd is so sensible. arguing with conspiracy theorists/wackos is fun.
  13. You're right, and usually I would play a little, but being that 9/11 is tomorrow, we are still under attack, and we have clowns that believe the US Gov would do something like that makes me sick. Here's a good site for conspiracy theorists
  14. I agree 001, BUT, the government will indeed conceal , alter, fabricate, change, etc etc items or events so the outcome will be better accepted or reassuring to the people. If anybody thinks that the government has and always will be an open book for 'the people" , then they suffer from a SEVERE case of being naive. The government does just whats its named for. Governs. Governs what is eaten. (FDA) Governs what we do. (Police) . Governs other countries from screwing with us (military) . so on and so on. And this is all a GOOD thing. It keeps people happily living their lives .When its necessary , the government will tell a fib to keep the peace.And thats the way "the people" want it. Like I said, I dont think theres a cover up in this matter. No need for it . But sometimes....
  15. Neither one is especially large.
  16. I'm scheduled to do my duty for my country tomorrow (I'm currently a reservist seeking an active duty comission.) I may nto though as I feel like absolute dog squeeze. Trust me, I've got half my unit (Alot of good friends) and alot of buddies in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is little that lets me forget.

  17. Just for the sake of being informative, that first picture is the bottom looking up view of either an AH-64 Apache (or Longbow) or an AH-1Z Super Cobra. I'd lean towards the zulu due to the width and wingspan of the bird. However that could just be because of the sorry photo quality. The apache would certainly be more common as the zulu is just coming out of testing and I pray to God soon to go into the fleet (I say that because if by some miracle, my unit ever gets them before I get a commission or retire, it would make my life considerably easier.)
  18. I agree Hop. My family has been in the intelligence field since the 40's, so I know what you mean. However, there is a huge difference between concealing certain things for the greater good, and orchestrating the Nations worst disaster and killing many of that same Government. Also, remember how close that disaster came to actually dooming this country. Had the markets (Wall Street) not been able to re-open as quickly as it did we would have REALLY had a major problem of grandiose proportions. NONE of what came from the attacks were a benefit in any way what so ever for the Government or the Nation, so I really never understand the tinfoil hat conspiracy brigades and their ramblings..
  19. Give em hell Skywalker !!!

  20. Oh come on, you know a 47 is a monster. :notnice: