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  1. Ok this might be kinda lame because I am not sure if my tuner wants to use it or not yet.. but it is leaning towards no.

    so here goes. In about 2-3 weeks I should have dyno numbers on my car(shop is shutting down for 2 weeks for needed repairs and some new equipment)

    Lets see who can get closest on the dyno numbers. My mods are listed in my garage. one other thing to note is that my dyno will be done on a mustang dyno.. closest one to me.

    Winner gets a Nitrous Works Dry nitrous Kit :eek:

    If they decide we dont need it to cool the charge.. I would rather not run 2 power adder's if i dont need to, but it cost me very little and i cant spring for the intercooler for about another 2 months.

    anyway.. it is looking like it wont be used.. comes with everything needed to hook it up. No WOT switch or Window switch.. basic kit. If they decide we need it... I'll figure out another prize from the pile of parts I bought and havent used yet lol.

    best guess my HP thread yet!!!:SNSign:

    let the bidding begin hehe.
  2. 437RWHP/459RWTQ
  3. haha getting serious now eh?

    oh I wanna add... we are going for HP numbers.. the Torque will be used in case of a tie :SNSign:
  4. 427HP/436TQ

    If I win I want whatever parts you haven't installed. :D
  5. hehe... u got it rick :D
  6. 399RWHP/423 TORQUE
  7. 438RWHP/460RWTQ

    Sorry Kilgore. :lol:
  8. this sounds very kick @ss of you. im going with
  9. 418HP/438TQ
  10. 421 hp/ 445 tq
  11. lmao.

    you better make 480rwhp/440rwtq.
  12. 433.46 rwhp/446.73 rwtq :nice:

    Edit: Eeep! Just noticed you had heads&cams so I had to edit my guesstamit

  13. haha.. if i dont break 400.. i'll sell it to the highest bidder :rlaugh:
  14. 439 rwhp / 461 rwtq
  15. :lol:

    I'm counting on the Mustang dyno giving you some lower numbers, and the fact that this will be your first dyno session with the Vortech so you may still have a few bugs to work out:D
  16. 424 hp/429 tq
  17. 344RWHP and 418RWTQ. Thats my guess :)

  18. off topic, that money order should be in the mail tomorrow.. i been moving and had no time to do anything... reminds me i am gonna pm ya the new address.:D
  19. 10-4 :D . I have the pump all packaged up with the address printed and placed on it...but fortunatly I didnt tape it on LOL.

    I did get my Ford GT pump in...I MAY have to do some modifying though :( . The pump almost looks smaller than the one im sending you though LOL.