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  1. 400.8 hp and 437.8 tourqe
  2. this friday ?
  3. did i win yet?
  4. 440 hp/ 428 tq
  5. friday at 8 am we shall know :rlaugh:

    tried to get in for tomorrow, but they were booked
  6. might as well tak a guess! the mustang dyno thing is throwing me off though.

  7. I am itching to find out.. although it is just a dyno.. if it says 320 and I run 11's I could care less. It is just another fun thing to do with the car.

    I was gonna go to the track tonight, but the rain was horrible. oh well maybe friday night.:D
  8. We are expecting updates :mad:

  9. 415 hp/ 426 tq

  10. yeah I dont even wanna get into how my day has gone.... I am gonna try to get it done this weekend. I have had some detination in the heat, so we back out some timing and I am staying out of it in the heat.
  11. booo this man!

  12. ok ya want the story.. I think I broke a cam follower... or a spun a bearing. I wont know until I tear it down tomorrow. If it is a cam follower I can have it fixed quick, a rod... it is gonna be down for a LOOONNNGGG time.:( :( :bang: :bang:

    I did put a fender on a lambo mercuailago (sp) though... went downhill from there.
  13. 0 rwhp 0 rwtq :D i think i win now
  14. Shuda went with me yesterday to get the numbers instead of cutting grass.

  15. I dunno.. even with a knock I took down a murcielago by a fender:D

    well it wasnt knocking at that point. I had heard some noise, but it was so faint I didnt pay much attention. It went away so I went about my buisness. on the way home it came back liud though... makes me sick.

    time for a 324" big bore:nonono:
  16. results then:notnice:
    I want my free parts for doing nothing but typing some numbers:D
    Sounds like a good excuse "I raced a murchilago(sp) and spun a bearing...", Righhhhhht:rolleyes:
  17. i thought you had forged internals already?
  18. yeah, I got a DSS short block.. believe me, they will be hearing from me.

    this isnt a detonation issue.
  19. That stinks bro... I'm in pretty much the same boat you're in right now and know that sick feeling ALL to well.

    Let's wish each other luck... me first.

    Good luck!!!!!
  20. Good luck,.. you blow one up 2?