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  1. Not yet.... It's a long story. The short version is that I've got a brand new DART stroker in there that still has some "issues" that need to be worked out. Oil leaks and knocking under one of the valve covers... still runs but I won't be able to tear it down to see what ails it until after I move. Not to mention that it's in DIRE need of a tune and the location I'm going doesn't have anything around. Just been a really long road to get to this point and have unknown issues in a vehicle that I can't drive.

    Sure does suck the fun out of a new motor don't it?
  2. yeah I went from being on cloud nine to being sick to my stomach.
  3. ya know... I figured once this project was done that I'd be broke... but I'd have a kickass motor! So all that was required is enough money for gas and I'd be happy. What sucks is that now I'm broke and there's no motor. lol

    So yeah... I gotta get this done soon or I'll die from a bleeding ulcer.
  4. I think I'll stick with my stock motor with 160K+ miles on it. It runs like a top. :D
  5. It spins for awhile then falls in its face?
  6. Who won the contest or did we get Wenzeled?
  7. The motor does? That doesnt sound good at all. I have heard alot of bad things about DSS motors though :( .
  8. "runs like a top"

    "spins for a while and then falls on its face"

    Get it? :rlaugh:
  9. Suurrrreeee LOL
  10. damn man, thats ridiculous that the dss built block couldnt stand up to that!!!! you have me worried. im gonna run 14psi om a built block and thought i had nothing to fear since the internals would be forged.

    i see guys going much higher boost on built!

    sorry to hear this man, i wish you good luck with dss, let us know what they say.:nonono:
  11. NO, the car runs great besides that sickening tap, tap, knock, knock. good oil pressure, no power loss. i dont know whats gonna happen right now though, yall have read about this car for the last year.. highs and lows.. but just more lows than need be. I will have it ore down and investigated and decide from there. if i do rebiuld it will be a VT big bore or not at all
  12. I dont wanna do them in till we see whats up... lets not hang them out with no reason. it may be something silly.. i just dont know right now
  13. Well if it does then I've gotten 165,544 miles on one engine which is twice what you got out of two engines blower boy...

  14. yeah if i woulda stuck with 13.8 i woulda been ok 2:lol:

    just meesin wit ya ole man. i think my car is cursed
    did i mention i beat a lambo???:p
  15. Damn man, that sucks about your motor! Hopefully it's nothing too bad. But then again, a big bore VT 324 is pretty sweet :drool:.. That's the motor I want for my car whenever my motor goes south on me :D
  16. Yep...13.8's with an extra 10 grand in my pocket. Who's laughing now? :rlaugh:
  17. 10grand... who has soent 10 grand:eek:

    ok maybe 8 lol
  18. it's the price you pay for the game you play :)
  19. want a fast car your gonna have to shell out some money. that is not where the problem is. its when the expensive parts that were made for one specific reason (to hold up to higher hp and boost) fail. that is where the problem is and money wasted....

    if the parts perform the way they should its money well spent.
  20. My 99 LE runs high 13's all the time, full exhaust, roush CAI, misc stuff, doing suspension and brakes now, but, hey, 111k on the clock now, still runs like brand new, and I win alot of races, but also for me it's driving that is fun, it's not all the car ya know. Anyways my '83 Capri this time next year should be in the tens, N/A, woot!! It can prob run low 12's right now on streets, freakin sick.

    Anyways whatever happened to the motor???