New Daily Driver. Couple of questions.


Oct 1, 2019
Hi all,
So I am retiring my current DD ('88 e250 IDI) and purchasing a '19 EcoBoost MTX for my next DD. It should be arriving at the dealer in the next couple of days. So of course I have a few questions. I tried searching but couldn't find answers to my specific questions.

1. I live in Northern Indiana and we get a bit of snow. On bad days I would still be able to drive my van, but I wanted to get members experiences with there Mustangs in the winter. I have heard good things about Blizzak snow tires and was wondering if these are a good idea (or any other tire recommendations).

2. I have read that there was an issue with the Low Side Fuel pressure sensor and that it should be replaced with an updated style/part number. With mine being a '19 should this new part already be on it from the factory, or should I plan on replacing it? I have also read that replacing the stock spark plugs with higher quality ones and adding a catch can is a good idea. Any preferences on brand and vendor for these items? Any other maintenance items I should address immediately?

3. Now power mods (yeah, I am one of those guys). With this being a DD I am not planning on going crazy with these. My thoughts are a Ford Performance Tune (due to warranty) and an upgraded inter-cooler/piping. Past that I wasn't gonna do more power wise, unless ya'll had some other suggestions. Also, on the Ford Performance website their tune says 2015-2017. Anyone know if this is comparable with the 2018-2019?

4. Other mods. I was going to do some lowering springs come spring time. Recommendation for DD? On other vehicles I have also done brake upgrades, sway-bars, bushings, sub-frame connectors etc etc, but that was for a track car I have. Any handling/braking recommendations that ya'll would consider daily driver friendly? I don't mind a stiffer ride, but don't want to be completely beat up from driving on rougher county roads.

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