New Daily Driver--Sorta

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  1. Friday we traded off the Montana minivan for something a little sportier that will still hold all the family. Went for a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix, it was a rental car with 7,000 miles on it, but it really nice shape. And it sure is a lot faster than my ole 4 banger, :rolleyes:. The stang still gets drove on a daily basis, but will be letting the wife drive the stang some and I'll drive the grand prix some.

    Thought I would share:




  2. Way nicer than a minivan! :nice:
  3. Thanks Blue, sometimes I think we are the only ones in this 2.3 talk forum :rolleyes: Appreciate how you always post back, Thanks :nice:
  4. Not a fan of the GM's generally, but I rented a new Grand Prix for a couple of weeks last year and I really gotta admit, they're nice cars. Much better than any of the current same class offerings from Ford IMO.
  5. Sure thing! :D
  6. Hey I check in from time to time.

    Is that a V6 GP? Looks nice!
  7. Yep, 3.8 V6 Grand Prix.

    Finally got a good wax on it today. I had to clay bar the whole thing, wipe it back down, then wax it. Then I found little white paint spots like from fresh highway paint on it. Got each of them off and then rewaxed again. Its one slick paint now!!