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  1. Not mustang related but it is a V8. I got rid of my Dakota and picked up a 98 Grand Cherokee Limited Edition with the 5.9L in it. This thing ever go, and every option you could want. Guy that had it before me put in a 4 inch Skyjacker lift, and 4 inch widening kit. Fun to drive but the whole 3mpg I get around town according to the information center on the overhead console kind of sucks.

    try and get some pictues posted up when I get home from work.
  2. full time 4wd? If so, you just wasted your money.
  3. I would have opted for the 4.7 in the jeep. gots just as much balls as the 5.9 and gets way better mileage
  4. The 5.9 in the 98 Limiteds is a lot better than the later 4.7s. Even the 5.2s from the non 5.9 limiteds were more powerful motors than the 4.7s. Those Jeeps could go low 15s, higher 14s in a straight line, something a newer 4.7 wont even come close to! Nice purchase, now get pics!
  5. Yeah it is full time 4wd only way you could get the 5.9L model. But 12 bolts to remove the front drive shaft for the summer, and only takes 10 minutes so not a big deal there.

    I needed something to Carry my drums around in from show to show and the truck just wasn't cutting it if it was raining or snowing out.

    It does get up and go pretty good. And Supposedly to date is the fastest SUV out there besides the new Hemmi powered beast 6.8L or something that is being put out.

    Pics will be up soon.
  6. the H.O 4.7 in the S.E Jeep had a more aggressive cams, forged internals, and a better intake than the regular 4.7. It would hang with the 5.9
  7. What S.E.s are these better 4.7s found in? I have driven many 5.2s, 5.9s and 4.7s and the 4.7 feels like a weaker motor. Unless I havent driven one of these S.E. Jeeps...
  8. Stuff like this makes me wonder ... when the hell's Ford gonna get on the ball and make, say, an Explorer with some gonads? I mean, given, we're all craving to cannibalize GT-40P parts from 'em for our Foxes, but still ... the SUV's that Ford churns out tend to be total slugs compared to the Mopar stuffs.

    As far as pulling the front driveshaft on a full-time 4WD ... isn't that supposed to be bad for the front diff to go driving it around like that for very long? I'm not totally familiar with the mechanicals on those, but it would seem to me like an inadvisable thing. I dunno ... anything driving more than two wheels at a time is too much of a headache for me. :D
  9. 01-02 jeep grand cherokee. will say H.O 4.7 on the intake
  10. Oh so it was only the 01-02s that had them?
  11. the new r/t daks have them as well
  12. anyway, where the hell are all the pics of you tearing someones lawn up?
  13. Taking them right now back in like 5 minutes
  14. As Promised:


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  15. BLUE headlights...?
  16. Pia bulbs. work great in the snow. Doesn't seem to reflect as much as white light does on the falling snow flakes.
  17. you need another person to take a picture of you cutting donuts and kicking up rooster tails :D

  18. Got to get some warmer weather everything is frozen solid. Last week and a half at 35 below with wind chill. Firsr warmer day i will go find some mud :)
  19. OMG, I am sorry. sunny and 65 here:D