New dash pads

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by 78CobraII, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. If you want a new dash pad, contact:

    Must II Spec Shop
    Phil Schmidt
    [email protected]
    or 334 2983038

    Phil is working on production details now, and is trying to keep the price in the $160-180 range, but that depends on the volume.

    He's looking at initial production in black, red, dark blue, and maybe grey for redying. They will be made in USA with Ford licensing.

    In my opinion, this price is not far from the similar '65-'66 repro dashpads, and is pretty good considering he's having to have a new mold made.
  2. I agree. If he can keep it in the range of $175, that'd be a really good deal.

    Shoot... I'm still waitin for my '67 Fairlane dashpad to drop below $400! Fat chance though... every time i look it seems as if it keeps going up... That and they only come in one color... BLACK. :nonono:
  3. $400.00? it would be less expensive to have an upholstry shop make one from scratch.
  4. There's a outfit called Just Dashes that would rebuild your dashpad for about that price too. The fairlanes had a speaker grill preforated into the top of the pad not to mention '67 was a one year only pad that was not flat all the way across like the '66 or earlier pads. And again... $400 is just crazy...4200 is much more realistic.

    I considered haveing an upholstery shop recover it, but that never does look right. I want it rock stock, look and feel. I know, I'm picky, but whit this car I want it right.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.