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  1. It's a sharp looking car for sure. I can't say I'd own one, unless the Stang wasn't around anymore, even then I'd probably just get an older one.

    Anyways it'd be interesting to see how heavy it'll be and how the base Hemi V8 will push it.
  2. It's a BEAUTIFUL car and I love it. I'm glad to see it come back. However, that LX chassis is a pig and the new Motor Trend stated that the concept car weighs 4200 pounds!!!

    If it stays even close to this in production, they better not even THINK about using the 5.7 Hemi!!!
  3. its still a dodge and just a limited production offering that's unlikely to affect Mustang sales very much ...

    Happy 4th of July :SNSign:
  4. Of course I am already sold on my next purchase, but maybe Ford will respond and sway me away?

    The Challenger will be built off of the LY platform, not the LX. The concept car is based off of the LX platform. The Challenger variant of the LY platform will also be modified and shorter to make the Challenger more nimble. The Charger/300/Magnum all have a wheel base of 120". Expect the challenger to come with a wheel base of 116" or less to be close to the Mustang in size.

    The car will need a serious diet for sure. But, I don't think it will tip the scales as high as the current cars do. Regardless, some of us want IRS for cornering ability and a 6M out of a viper don't we? I mean, I do for sure!

    Now, on to production.... Dodge will offer at least 30,000 units up for sale as early 2008 (as a 2008 model.) Depending on demand for the car, there could be even more built after that.
  5. :nice:

    I've always been a firm believer that "competition improves the breed." While I certainly wouldn't consider buying a new Challenger, I will still enjoy seeing both it and the new Camaro on sale at Dodge and Chevrolet lots. It can only continue to push Ford to do good things for our beloved Mustang.

    The Challenger Concept was fantastic. I did not enjoy it as much as the Camaro Concept, but I think we will see that the Challenger Concept design will be closer to 'production-correct' than the Camaro Concept that Chevrolet showed.

    It will also be interesting to see how Dodge handles the model selection and pricing for V6 and V8 Challengers. One question I have is will they put a solid rear axle in the V6 and entry-V8 cars to keep MSRP low or will they put IRS in across the board? Will they make IRS optional if they put an SRA in? Will they make an SRA available in SRT8 form?? :shrug:

    Unfortunately for Dodge, I think they're at a disadvantage as far as longevity of the model is concerned. There weren't too many different Challenger models available on the original and unless they badge a new 'Cuda as a Dodge since Plymouth is now extinct, they will be severly limited in their "special edition" offerings -- unlike Ford and Chevrolet...
  6. Cool, but big, heavy and probably expensive.
  7. I'll have to ask about the SRA, maybe the marketing guys will have an idea already. It truely was a great concept car though

  8. That Challanger is sweet! I love my 05 vert but man that Challenger would look good parked next to it. If they both came out at the same time, it would have been a much tougher decision to get the stang.
  9. The Mustang has a 107" wheelbase so if the Challenger WB comes in @ 116" we're starting out 9" longer than a Stang. that's large. Add on to that long wheelbase comments made by the Challenger Concept designers that any production version will use the concept's large front & rear overhangs because they contribute to the style of the Challenger. Suddenly you're looking at a Challenger that may be over a foot longer than the Mustang, that's huge.

    Chysler has made many comments about the Challenger being a "true muscle car". I don't recall Chysler saying anything about making it light and nimble.

    I agree the styling of the Challenge concept looks great. However, the reality of a production version will show us it's flaws. We're comparing an existing Mustang to a fantisy concept car. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the present Mustang. We don't yet know what the Challenger's flaws will be, although I have a pretty good idea that size and weight will not be the Challenger's strong points. Some of the wonderfullness of concept cars always gets lost when they are translated into production.

    Don't forget that an updated Mustang is in the works for 2009 MY.
  10. Oh, I am not ruling out a Mustang with a little more power coming down the assembly lines in Flat Rock. I am planning on it. But like you said, we are talking about cars that we can only speculate about at this point. I just don't want people to think it'll be some giant LX style car that weighs in over 4000 pounds. Now realitivly speaking, the Challenger will be much bigger than any Mustang, but smaller than a 300/Charger.

    I think the original Challengers were larger than the Mustang / Camaro so they could offer more interior room?
  11. I like the car a lot!! That said my next door neighbor owned a 2004-5 Magnum and sold it within a year. He had to many complaints about the whole Chrysler experience. He said he will stick with Chevy and Ford from now on. On the other hand my other neighbor is a huge MOPAR nut with an old Belvidere (IIRC) that runs 10 second 1/4's!!
  12. I like it alot. Between the current mustang, and soon to come challenger and camaro we are going to have quite a varity of pony cars to choose from in the near future. I'll take one of each!
  13. Challenger

    Chrysler Corp. Car-not interested.
  14. It looks just like the old one..More so than the 05+Stang looks like the 60's stangs.

    Just like Chrysler and Chevy to be behind and end up being copycats.

    I support the innovators and bleed FORD blue for life!

    All mfr's are looking for the next "Mustang".

    This C'er will probably be around 40K...The Shelby will be in that ball park and will be faster..

  15. YEP!... seems just like 1964-1967 all over again!!! :hail2: :hail2:
  16. The original Challengers and the last generation Barracudas were huge because they were made from shortend Coronet / Satellite unibodies. It was done to save engineering & production $$.

    As prior posts said, expect the Hemi Charger to be substantially more expensive than a Mustang GT. At 30,000 units per year there is no way production cost will be as low as a Mustang's even if it shares lots of parts with the 300. The Challenger is going to be aimed squarely at baby boomers with lots of $$ for toys. It's not going to be a fit as being a daily driver for 20 - 30 years olds.
  17. Update: I couldn't get anything out of the marketing guys about SRA or IRS. I asked about volumes and he rolled his eyes at me.

  18. if it looks like the concepts I will be on board to buy one.