[new dodge challenger] sound off!

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  1. i want it i want it i want it
  2. The competition from Challenger and Camaro will motivate Ford to keep the Mustang on top. It really does look like history repeating itself. Now what I really hope for is a reincarnated Trans Am Series pitting these cars against each other with factory backed race teams and world class drivers! And let's not forget the street car spin offs: Boss Mustang, Z-28 Camaro and Challenger TA.
  3. I plan on buying one - sit it right next to the stang
  4. By that time I might be able to afford a new car, it really depends on price, demand, weight/power, and for me since I dont have much cash since I am in college..if mustangs are tons cheaper for the power Id rather get a cobra then
  5. The price of cars seems to be getting outragous. IMO! Low income ppl can't afford most of what is out there now. I am glad that fomo has atleast offered the base stang v6r and hope that chryslr will do the same with the challenger. :)