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  1. well guys, it's been a couple years since I've drawn the roadster and had some inspiration from a picture submitted in the forms here.
    The drawing is very close to what's sitting in the barn.
    I did lose a little line quality in the downsize.
    As for an roadster update, I'm finishing up the nose piece and this winter I have a couple small body mod's to complete and then I'm on to getting the drivetrain back in it.
    Hope you enjoy the pic and thanks to 78cobraII for resizing the drawing so it could be posted, you to Megan! :D

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  2. Looks great!!

    I'm guessing that's a Megan inspired drawing? :D :D
  3. When you finish it, you have to get a real pic with the real Megan posing with it!
  4. Looks awesome! I love how the rims look like they have coiled up Cobras in them.

  5. having Megan pose with it when it's done would be my first choice.... :D
    And I think Megan gives alot of us II owners some type of inspiration. :rolleyes:
    Thanks guys again.
  6. Yep, Megan is a breast of fresh air to this forum. :D :D :D
  7. :banana: and then some........
  8. Is it just me, or is the left one bigger than the right? hehe
  9. :stupid: First thing i thought too :cheers:
  10. I think they both look a little small, cause Megans got it goin on....
  11. Great drawing! And my real boobies are equal and they are fantastic. :nice: :p

  12. prove it
  13. actually the shading on my drawing didn't scan to well. The orignal are equal. thanks all.
  14. Paypal me some beads. :banana:
  15. Will a pair of rear wheels work? :D
  16. Your pair for my pair? :rlaugh:
  17. So we have a deal? :D
  18. are you forgetting that i lived in lousiana?

  19. No cuz you already offered those. :p