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  1. I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. Got a 2000 GT and done some originals: new 18" deep dish staggered wheels and Pilot tires, K&N CAI, SCT Tune, exhaust but now I am debating on what to do next....

    I thought about putting a new 70mm throttlebody and plenum in it as well as 3.73 gears. This is my daily driver and sometimes i take it on smaller work trips if i am by myself (600 mile roundtrip). I dont hit the track nor do I do alot of racing but I am that guy who wants a sick looking car with some good performance without supercharging it...INPUT? please
  2. here is a pic

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  3. Nice Ride and welcome.:nice:

    I'm pretty new here too, but from what I have read and experienced through my friends mustangs over the years, gears are a must! Most will say 4.10's, but I think 3.73 are good.

    As for the TB, look at the one piece BBK 78mm unit. Gears+Better Breathing= Good times!
  4. You sound like you have the right idea. Gears are great and the TB/Plenum are nice bolt-ons as well. I went with 3.73s because I had to drive my car from TX to FL a couple times. It did great on the highway, and still a good amount of bottom end. My car only makes 270 at the wheels with bolt-ons and I still spin the crap out of my 315s. It's rather annoying, so I can't imagine how it would be with 4.10s.

    Car looks good. Springs/shocks/struts/CC plates are always a good idea :) Cost me about $700 for my setup.
  5. Get 3.73's. and suspension.. honestly, the throttle body/pleneum do very little for performance and you can barely feel them. (seat in the pants wise). Once you have a good suspension set-up, you'll love going around corners
  6. so someone please tell me exactly what I will need for good susupension...i understand shock struts etc but what all do i need????
  7. See post #4.

    I use Tokico Blues shocks/struts. Good for the money.

    Lowering springs are all preference but I have the Steeda Sport Springs.

    I went with the Steeda 4-bolt Caster/Camber plates.

    Subframe connectors are a plus as well.
  8. Nice looking car and welcome to the forums. 3.73s are great for seat of the pants feel, they change the car up, also get a SCT handheld tuner for the speedometer and future mods.

    Are you wanting to do visual mods too bc I would get the 02-04 headlights that are darker but are OEM.

    I want to lower my car as well but right now I don't have the money lol. When I lower it I want the H&R blue springs with Tockico shocks/struts, sub frame connectors and Maximum Motorsport cc plates.
  9. If you have an automatic put 4.10s in otherwise the 3.73s are great.

    Put the chin spoiler on too that really looks good.

    And for lowering, Steeda springs, H&R Sports or Eibach Pro kit. I had the H&R Super sports but I ended up being too low so I switched to the Eibach Pro kit and have been very happy. I also have Bilstein Struts and Shocks with the Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber plates. And the Kenny Brown super subframe kit with matrix brace and jacking rails...

    Welcome to the club! :flag:

    Your car looks great so far! :nice:
  10. Lower it, immediately.
  11. Are there any 1/2" to 3/4" kits out there??? The roads are pretty bad here and my stang WILL see some snow this year, but I would like to drop it a bit.
  12. Ford C springs with leaving the iso's in will be lower than it is now and still give you clearance. Now if you add long tube headers to that equation then throw everything out the window as you won't have clearance no matter what pretty much. I love my c springs and I would HATE to have the sportlines or other popular set (brand is not coming to me right now but I know people will suggest them).
  13. Longtubes suck with my Steeda Sport Springs. I've bottomed them out countless times and I drive carefully. Only like a 1.25" drop.
  14. I want to say C springs are .75 to 1.25 drop. I have bottomed as well and I sure as hell don't approach a dip or road construction areas too fast unless I expect something to happen. EVERY speed bump and graded entrance area I go at an angle.
  15. well I already have an SCT tuner so no worries there. I guess im ordering 3.73 gears tomorrow and getting a new 70mm throttle body and plenum ordered as well. after the winter i will end up lowering it a little bit as well. I already have a chin spoiler but just need to get it painted and put on. thanks for all the input. After winter i will end up doing suspension.
  16. Yeah I hit everything at an angle now but some bumps, like on the highway, just sneak up on me. My neighborhood has speedbumps too, which I usually drive completely around, but if there is oncoming traffic I can't, and that has caused a couple LT impacts with the ground. Ticks me off. That's a grand worth of labor and parts banging around. Then again, I guess I should have expected it on a daily driver.

    As for the C springs, that sounds about right. I remember a lot of guys putting them on because they would get by with the stock suspension, yet it was enough to at least kill some of that wheel gap. I think they're about 1".
  17. Painted? I didn't know chin spoilers required paint.

    I'd recommend getting a bearing kit with your 3.73s as well, and don't forget the gear oil.
  18. MN has horrible roads due to our harsh winters as well (potholes, cracks, etc...), but I find that my Eibach Pro-Kit rides just fine through them and I have enough ground clearance (even with a low hanging MAC midpipe) where I don't have a problem.

    Here's a pic showing the drop:



    After w/ pro-kit and stock wheels:



  19. Were in mn are u located?