New DUGAN Hatch Rear Wing For Sale

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by pont73and74, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Yes, a real Dugan rear wing. And, brand new to boot. For a hatchback.

    Never installed. The Dugan design is slightly taller and a bit longer than a Saleen with a deeper recess and taller back lip. They extend the otherwise short-wide Fox Mustang into a longer profile car.

    I found 2 last year from a retired SCCA racer and shipping was a fortune from Georgia - the joys of living in one of the corners of the US.

    One went with a car I sold last summer - it had been mounted. This is the better of the two I received - its in it's original primer gray and ready for paint with no fix work needed. The wing has just been sitting on my shelf. I'm out of money for my 79 Capri Turbo RS project and already shed my tears that I may have to part with this wing.

    Pics info is here:
    Rare Brand New DUGAN Rear Wing for Fox Mustang
  2. what do you want for this ???? or do you want to tradde any thing for this? I had one but my little brother took it with him to florida when he moved

    my email is [email protected] please send me a message there. I have diffs , injectors what evver you want
  3. Do u still have this wing for sale??
  4. good luck with this guy i have tried to buy this for ever
  5. Wow - I never got emails that I had replies. I had forgotten about my post on this site - sorry to the people who were interested.
    I do still have the wing. I need (again) to sell it - my daughter will be heading off to college. $250 plus ship/offer. Eamil me at [email protected] - its easier that way so I don't miss messages etc. Feel free to include a Phn# in your email if you want me to call you about it and I'd be glad to. I'd really like it to go to a good home.
    Note - it has the 3rd brake light opening & mount from Dugan. I'm not sure if all Dugans did - I have read conflicting info that it was optional to order them that way.
    Its big and shipping will be expensive. I am in Portland OR area fyi and I could take it to Greyhound terminal here if that works. GH was the cheapest ship method awhile back.

    I will update this ad if when it sells.

  6. Sorry - I didn't realize I had replies.
  7. Yes, I do. Sorry - I didn't realize I had some replies on this site. I was expecting to get an email if someone replied.
  8. I am guessing you don't have the wing anymore. If you do please email me. I will buy. Arlen
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