New Dyno #'s 95 Gt Graphs Below Comments Welcome

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg Dynoed today and made 223 hp and 281 ft lb. Four years ago it made 205 hp 276 ft lb. It has fresh (4 yrs ago and maybe 3k mi, maybe) long block w flat top pistons, e7 w bee hive spring 3 angle valve job, comp cam .512 lift, sct chip, k&n in stock intake. Flow masters w holes in em made 205. The changes made w new #'s are cai, stock ported lower by Tom moss, removed pre cats on stock h and forsaflow mufflers. 3.73 rear, 17" wheels.. I'm fairly happy w results but has an issue w canp/charcoal crap and dunno if I'm going to pass emissions when time comes. Also on new graph it uses mph instead of rpm so I dunno when to shift.
  2. Oh and 1st pull was 211 hp and like 288 ft lbs
  3. Call the shop and see if they can supply you with a graph that has RPM instead of MPH. Also, if it was a DynoJet, they should be able to give you the run files and then you can install WinPEP and goof around with it yourself.
  4. How much for the pulls?
  5. High I thought. $100 an hr for dyno time(took 2) and "free" tunes since I bought the chip from them back when.
  6. WinPEP?