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  1. Ok.. as promised here's an "accurate" dyno sheet... Red is current. Blue is stock

    This is with tune, mmr cai, magnaflow exhaust, 4.10 and my big heavy oversize tires...

    The thing that really caught our attention is the Torque curve... Comes on at 2500 RPM and stays flat almost all the way to 4000...
  2. Very nice!! I sure would love to see you get Zexed!! Looks like your project is coming right along, as planned.. :nice: Whats next Scrming?
  3. You're bumping along at the 225 RWHP / nice!

    so what's next?

  4. He is actually bumping along around 194RWHP.. This is good.. My last Dyno was 182RWHP and 216RWTQ...

    As you can see, his mods and tune have given him a tremendous boost over me..

    But Afixer is still the fastest with I believe 204RWHP, and I'll have to find the TQ number.. Or maybe Afixer can re-post his Dyno sheet here..

    Overall, Scrming is doing quite well though.. He would have me for lunch! LOL!! Have mercy on me Scrming! LOL!! :D
  5. that's the average I believe ...

    The graph shows a Max RWHP right at 225, correct?

    If I'm misreading the graph please redirect me.
  6. The line you see straddling the 225 mark, is the TQ, not HP.. The 2nd red line below that one is the HP..

    What makes this such an impressive graph, is that his 225FT of TQ, has a point where it maintains this level as the HP rises as well.. Nomally, you will see TQ peak then taper off as the HP rises. In this case, Scrming gets to enjoy his peak TQ, while also having his HP rise at the same time..

    What this would mean in a race against me, is there would not be a point where he pulled from me, then we kinda evened out.. This graph means he would continue pulling from me until we crossed the finsish line.. Very impressive actually..

    Actually, in a race against Afixer, Afixer would lose at the green light, because of the torque scrming has, but by mid track, since scrming also has more torque which continues on, he would pull afixer as well..

    This is all theory and not fact, based on the length of time his 225RWTQ is lasting..
  7. ?

    I've got it now, thanks ~

    I thought torque was the curved graph below ....

    duh! :crazy:

  8. You lost me! What are you talking about?

  9. You should have been there on Thursday when we ran the car... I'm looking at the graph, scratching my head... I said to Lidio, (the owner/operator), "Man, somethings not right. Why don't I have the peak/curve on the Torque like I see on other cars? It looks like something chopped the top of the curve off??" I mean I thought there was something wrong! Lidio then explained it to me.. You want the Torque to go up quickly and then stay up there as long as possible.... So ideally you'll have a flat torque curve... He said that the graph I have is the one you try to get... (and that you usually don't get it! LOL!)

    He also thought that the big tires and gearing are probably the reason I'm at 194RWHP... His guess is with stock tires and gearing it would be a little over 200RWHP.

    The amusing thing.... we went for a test drive... Lidio driving and I'm in the passenger seat... YOU DON'T REALIZE HOW HARD YOUR CAR PULLS UNTIL YOU'RE IN THE PASSENGER SEAT!!!! LOL! I guess when you're holding onto the steering wheel you don't get the full affect! LOL! But riding in the passenger seat... i was like DANG! this puppy pulls! LOL!

    Next step will probably be a S/C... talked with Lidio about that... Logic is that the kind of S/C unit we're talking about (I don't know squat about S/C types... i need to start reading! LOL!) would start to kick in around 4000 RPM (or a little more) which would be just as the Torque started to drop off. The nice thing witht he 4.10s is my RPMs do shoot up pretty quick so the S/C would kick in pretty early...

    MSP, thanks for your great explaination!! You made it a lot clearer than I ever could! LOL! I've been down at the Woodward Dream Cruise since last Wednesday night... While I never did a full out launch from a stop light (lots of law enforcement agents!) there were certainly a lot of rolling challenges... I'm was completely thrilled with the way my car responded to these challenges!!! I crushed more than a couple of V8s in these light to light runs...

    I'm currently trying to figure out when/where/how to get my car to the track! LOL!!
  10. Do you have the Dyno data on your stocker setup?

    You have an Automatic tranny, right?


    PS, if you go to the SC how do you think your 4.10 rearend will effect it?
  11. The blue dyno run on the above sheet is completely stock...

    The thing to remember is while I have a 4.10 setup with my oversized tires it compares to having a 3.88 with stock tires... sooooo.... I think that will be fine with the S/C. Lidio and I talked about an S/C... guess it's time for a more serious discussion... LOL!

    Yep.. I have the auto tranny... and love it! LOL!
  12. With the Auto tranny, thats even more impressive.. Looky here..

    Auto 30% Loss

    5SPD 15% Loss

    Right now you have 292.5Ft.lbs @ the Flywheel----Stock is 240FT.Lbs

    Which means if you had a 5Spd that 225 would be more like 258RWTQ!!

    Which means, you have one hell of a tunning guy!! He tweaked the %#[email protected] out of your stang!!

    The Loss is typically 15% for Manual, and 30% for AUTO.. So somehow he added and extra 52.5 Ft.lbs of Torque to your car from the stock 240Ft lbs @ the flywheel.. Which, you get to actually spend 225RWTQ with the Auto tranny.. Not a bad day at the dyno!

  13. Ok.. here's my thinking... stock TQ at crank is 240. The stock dyno run show TQ at RW to be 204... that's about a 15% loss... so working backwards 225RRWTQ would be about 265 at the crank... Now of course I could be wrong... perhaps the auto loss is higher... but one thing is for sure... Lidio knows his stuff! Like we said that 225RWTQ goes on and on! LOL!

  14. But the Auto loss is around 30%.. So work based on that..

    So did you get a dyno before you did any work at all, including tires?
  15. The blue dyno run is from a bone stock v6 that was at the shop... weather conditions were basically identical. It had an auto tranny and was even the same color as mine! LOL!
  16. MSP,

    Where did you get the 30% loss value for automatic transmissions? I heard 15% for a manual trans and 18-20% for an automatic (good, modern one).

    Plus, if 30% loss were true, it means his 194 rwhp engine is making 277 HP & 321 ft/lbs at the crank! That seems like an awful lot of power for intake, tune and exhaust.

    20% loss would be 242.5 HP and 281 ft/lbs at the crank, which seems more believeable. (but, I'm not really sure)
  17. Sorry MSP, but I think you've been over-ruled! LOL! I'm thinking the 18-20% is more realistic... LOL

  18. My bad, I thought that was what has been discussed here. I thought the numbers were pretty high.. LOL!! Thanks for the correction NJ!

    At any rate, scrming's stang is screamin! LOL!! :D
  19. scrming,

    Is your Magnaflow exhaust a "cat-back" or "axle-back" design/version?
  20. it is axle-back....