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  1. Scrming,

    Where did you buy your Xcal2 (i.e. who programmed your "tune")? An axle back exhaust usually doesn't do much, if anything, for the power (more of a sound/appearance mod). Thus, I think 99% of your gains are from the CAI and tune. 242HP/281Tq is great for such *relatively* cheap/easy mods. I read somewhere else that you are running 0-60 in 6.4 seconds, plus could spin the tires from a stop. Did I get this right? Who did you get your Xcal2 from? I'm trying to get an idea if there is any difference with who you buy the Xcal2 from, or if the gains are similar for all Xcal2's
  2. I think you might be surprised how much a muffler swap makes... the stock muffler is very restrictive... especially vs. the Magnaflow...

    Ok... I bought my X-Cal2 off the internet from a very reputable guy... Got great customer service and was a good tune... Was happy... But then Alternative Auto came out with V6 tune... Around these part Lidio is a top mustang tuner... if not THE TOP! I had actually talked to him back in March when I first got my car but at that time he wasn't doing the V6's.... so I order ed from the other guy... Well a few weeks ago I found out that Lidio had developed a tune for the V6... So went over to his shop and bought his new tune... It was NOTICABLY BETTER... It felt better... the shifts were incredible! I mean chirp the tires during the shifts with my automatic... It was even measurably better. Lidio's 89 Octane tune shave .25 off my 0-60 compared to the 93 Octane tune I had been running! In my mind it was well worth the extra $$$ to buy this tune... So I have been recommend Alternative Auto for you X-Cal2. Here's their write up:

    Yep, I can spin BOTH tires now from a dead stop... The best 0-60 on the G-Tech the other day was 6.34. Hopefully we'll be going to the track on Firday and get some official times... LOL!

    Here is a graph comparing Lidio's tune to the one I had...

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  3. Great news scrming!

    Sounds like a bargain for $400. 6.34 seconds from 0 to 60 is *really* good. That's quite a bit faster than the 80's & 90's GTs could manage stock. Being able to spin the tires when people are watching is pretty cool too! (I may get one just to make some smoke in the parking lot...)
  4. Lidio and his cars are always featured in 5.0 magazine, the guy definitely knows his stuff.
  5. You have no idea how excited I got (happy dance) when Lidio told me he was going to start getting into the new V6s! Besides knowing his stuff, he is also a great guy personally... It been incredibly working with him... He takes the time so explain things to me without talking down to me or making me feel stupid... because I can tell you I ask some pretty newbie question!!! LOL! Around the shop I'm becoming know as "V6 John" LOL!