New E.T. estimate

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  1. last season my best e.t. was 9.74 at 76 mph with a 2.23 60', I have a 92 gt AOD at the time all i had done was a throttle body and cold air intake. Now i have a h pipe and flowmasters plus the 4.10 gear,master bearing kit and track lok rebuild kit and I will be soon getting a set a radials I just was curious what should the e.t. be with those upgrades.
  2. While I can't speculate on your ET, you are headed in the right direction. Do you have a stall converter? Your best bang for your buck would be to get a looser than stock converter if you wanna see real ET's.
  3. not yet i have one picked out all ready and i hate the stock shifter too
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  4. Shuffle man, how can you not like to shuffle?
  5. herd it isnt safe
  6. First I've heard of that, what isn't safe about it?
  7. When the manual lever is moved in that manner it causes an accumulator pressure dump through the OD band servo which in turn causes a momentary application of the OD band. At the minimum it toasts the band. If the clamping of the OD band is severe enough it can cause sufficient shock on the mechanicals to tear up bushings, thrust washers, bearings, and planetary gears.
  8. 3 AOD stangs over 5 years, one making 303.6 HP, only broke one AOD in a stock '91. I have been lucky though...some guys break 'em all the time doing the knuckle shuffle."
  9. i saw a thread about it some people got real technical.. i rather get a manual vb
  10. I only can speak from experience on one really. A buddy of mine and I beat an AOD to death doing the 1-2-1 for years. I mean at the track, street racing, always. It held up for years and although it is stationary, it still works.
  11. i myself did the ol 1-2-1 for at least a year in an AOD with a B&M transpak and .410's... held up fine. Hell i even sprayed it for a fw months
  12. 1-2-1 baby i did that in my notch all over the place before i swapped the t5 in
  13. i did it today its cool
  14. i have aod with 2400 stall with shift kit, cobra intake,cold intake, adjustable shocks and springs with lower control and upper control arms and 3.73 with Micky 275. i was running 13.72 best with a 1.89 60ft if that helps.