New Edge(1999-2004) Mustang Owners with 20" + Wheels!

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  1. Maximum's Maxxim wheel:


    15mm offset will clear big Brembo's, so they "should" clear your Wilwoods too. Very light, 24.5 lbs each, 18x8.5 so they'll fit your 275's fine. Reasonably priced too at 189 each. IMO, the gunmetal center will nicely match your silver car.

    But, a wheel is a very personal choice so only you can decide that. Also, budget is a big factor too, since you can get a rim that's much more expensive than the Maxxim very easily :eek:
  2. I guess great minds think alike!:rolleyes:

    Right now those are the front runners!

  3. Look like WhyAsk's
  4. I love that rim. If I could use it on my car, I would (except I wish they made a larger rear wheel size as an option).
  5. Just got off the phone with Jason at MM and he confirmed that they will clear my BB kit. I also wish they made a 9.5 wide version. That would be perfect!

  6. yeah, 275 is a bit large for 8.5
  7. Well, if you ball big enough, you can get a set of these:


    Or the newer ones:
  8. Ban him anikin!


    Do It!

    Just playin' :rlaugh:
  9. Actually, Fikse is sponsoring me on the Nova build I'm doing but I would have to pay dealer prices for the wheels which comes out to around $2300 just for the wheels but they are VERY light! I think they are around 17 lbs each!:eek: :nice:

    I think list for those comes out to around $6,000!

  10. forgelines are sick wheels too.
    yes, thats my car

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