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  1. With the increased weight and HP of the new bodystyles would a stock new edge GT beat a stock S197 GT? There is a silver S197 with exhaust + a bunch of "visual" mods like sequentials and deepdish wheels and racing stripes have a chance against a GT with my mods (not taking into account my Nitrous). There is on in the area that I've run across multiple times - he revs the engine a bunch and then darts off weaving through traffic. Thinking about pushing the pedal next time if the streets are empty.
  2. Stock vs stock?

    S197 all the way.

    I get to drive a couple frequently and they would beat my GT
  3. A stock 99-04 SN95 would be killed by a stock S197. They aren't much heavier then are cars at all. If they have an intake, tune and exhaust those cars are pushing close to 350 crank hp (300 rwhp). That’s a nice 90hp over our cars and add some 3.73 or 4.10 gears they are one heck of a car.
  4. stock SN95 GT coupe weighs about 3350lbs the stock S197 weights about 3800 lbs - thats a considerable difference - and I weight 150lbs so thats a loaded weight of 3500lbs. I would take a heads up race any day with my modded stang vs a new edge with intake and exhaust and tune. Has anyone raced one?
  5. A buddies 06 auto GT has run 13.5xx on stock tires with a tune,intake, and axleback exhuast. I raced him at the track and beat him to the stripe even though he ran 2/10s quicker all because I tree'd him. :Track:
  6. you need to check your sources
  7. I have raced a few and won. But they put up a fight. I raced a modded one (intake and exhaust) and I beat him pretty good. By about 2 c/l's. Before we raced he lined up with me on the freeway and was laughin and was just sure he was gonna beat me. Then we raced and it really took the fire out of him. After losing he slowed way down and any time traffic caused him to get beside me he wouldn't look over at all.

    I was pretty happy I beat him. They are definitely something to watch out for though.

    BTW I have intake exhaust, cams, 373's - 281hp283trq
  8. Honestly I really know nothing about the newer ones.I have ran against a couple and took them...not by alot but I still got em,and I know i dont have the GT...Im just giving my experience so you all can have an idea.Also I got a question too,What does the 01-02 Vettes run(a c5 i think)?Cause one around that year with a punk snobby kid kept screwing with me on the HWY the other night and I wasnt gonna run but he just kept on and yelling crap over at me so I said what the hell...we hit it from about a 45mph roll...I dropped to 2nd until 60-65,in that time he was starting to pull alil,but when I got 3rd wound up to around 4k rpms I was pulling on him the whole time....he stayed about a cars length off my ass end till 100.(BTW it was very late and no traffic at all for miles).when I slowed down and he came along side me all I got was the finger.....:shrug:

    Also on the new stangs i like the body when fixed up right but I hate that boxy looking interior...I just cant stand it.Does anybody else find the inside of them ugly or is it just me.
  9. I am not a fan of the interior either. Love the exterior though.

    I Love the 03-03 Dark Charcoal interior with Interior upgrade package. It's my fav Mustang interior and fortunately what i have in my GT
  10. 350lb un-loaded difference is very significant - that's more than 10%.
  11. Well....Most of the guys in 5.0L Talk now that I put a 2001 4.6L 2V motor and trans, interior, harness etc in my 81 notchback. I race a 2007-2008 Mustang GT with exhaust and I pulled on him in through the entire 2nd gear.

    My mods are:

    Steeda CAI
    Steeda shifter
    BBK o/r H-pipe
    MAC cat-back

    I am in a lighter car, but I pulled on him through 2nd gear. It was a fair race for what it was. I wish it could have been through 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but I'll take 'em as I can get 'em.
  12. The title on my dad's 06 GT (auto) is right at 3500. With a manual, they are about 50lbs lighter. The curb weight of my 97 GT (manual), as printed on the title, is 3250. So in truth, they are only about 200-250lbs heavier. The power increase from 260 to 300 is more than enough to cover this weight difference, and will let the S197 run away.
    I've driven both and the S197 has better traction and the transmission gearing keeps the engine in it's power band better the the previous mustang. The new 5sp automatic is especially goodt at keeping the engine at the sweet spot.
    Of course, the cars are closely enough matched that a well driven SN-95 can and will beat a poorly driven S197. I've beaten a LOT of cars just from driving my 97GT well, including plenty of 99-04GTs and a GTO.
  13. I've wanted to run a new mustang with my modded 98GT. I ran against one in my stock Lightning and it got my by half a car and I know my Lightning ran a 13.8 in the 1/4.
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  14. When the 05s just came out I raced one with exhaust and 4.10 gears. I beat him by about 1.5-2 cars. Could have been a bad driver, I don't know.
  15. Unless you were running your nitrous system, and/or the owner is a piss poor driver (even then he'll still probably run you down by the end of the track), you wouldn't stand a chance. A stock S197 is good for mid/high-13's right off the showroom floor. A good half a second quicker than your GT. And intake and tune will get them into the low-13-second range. Far quicker than the few bolt ons your GT has could muster.
  16. a '05's curb weight is 3450 lbs. Can't begin to assume real weight because every car is different based on stereo, transmission, random crap, ect.. So curb weight is basically what's used.
  17. I'm right with you on this assessment. Take the driver equation out of this, just car to car, and the S197 will win easily.
    A better battle, head to head, is the New Edge Mach 1 vs. the S197 GT - pretty evenly match, but the high winding Mach should win.
  18. For having around 40 more hp, they typically do not trap much higher. 1 or 2 mph difference which can easily be gained or lost by the driver.
  19. Let's not unbury this hatchet