New Edge vs S197

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  1. Once I get my 3.73's installed I'll be ready to challenge some S197 - without the nitrous. I may get smoked - but that's what the nitrous is for!
  2. Driven both the 2005+ and the 99-04's down the 1/4. The 2005+ is a good two to three tenths quicker in the Qtr Mile BONE STOCK. Once you start talking mods I cannot talk from experience on anything but my current car.

    Back in April, at Atco NJ, she ran a 13.4 @ 105mph with nothing more then an intake and canned SCT tune. How do the 99-04's run with those two mods?

  3. I've seen a 01 Gt stalled auto with slicks running 13.8s in bracket racing. That was all that was done do it. That sucker would only put down like 215 to the tire.
  4. My 2005 Mustang GT loves racing Mustangs at the track, it has not lost to another one yet. It has bit into 3 different 2003 - 2004 Mach 1's and beat them all easily.:D In fact it has gone faster and quicker than any of the 5 Mach 1's I have seen at that track and one of them had a lot of mods. I pointed that out before. I know that 2 Mach 1's were sold because they were slower than my GT.:p

    I said this before and I will say it again. Stock for Stock, a 2005 GT is a driver's race for a 2003 - 2004 Mach 1. I think a quicker E.T. is possible with the S197 in stock trim with a good driver. Weight wise, the Mach 1 and S197 GT are close, very close. So a race between an older GT and the S197 GT would turn out very similar to what a Mach VS older GT would turn out. That is my $0.02 on it.
  5. Then there was something wrong with his car. I ran a 13.6 in my automatic car when it had nothing but a catted x-pipe, pullies, and a tune on stock rubber.
  6. yeah with an auto? I dont believe that for a second. Autos are dogs without a converter or a shift kit.
  7. I dunno where you race, but it sounds boring as hell if a stockish 05 GT is the fastest mustang out there. I regularly get my ass handed to me by an 11s 5.0 on spray or the 05+ GT with a kenne bell that runs very low 12s. We also regularly have at least 1 or 2 03/04 cobras (always different people) and a handful of other blown GTs of various years that come out just to see what they can do (always different ones too). And that's just what runs in the regular lanes... not the hot lanes.

    So either you only run races you think you can win or that's a boring as hell track. :notnice:

  8. I didn't say I have the fastest/quickest Mustang there. What I said is, I have gone quicker and faster than any 03 - 04 Mach 1 has. There are some 10 second Mustangs and quicker stuff there. I am careful not to bite into the real quick foxes as they are easy enough to tell. I do try to pick races with cars that will be interesting for me to run against. Actually, I expected to get my ass handed to me by the SC'd and Nitrous powered S197 GT that I ran against last year. Due to him having some high RPM issues, I beat him and that was the only one I tried that was out of my car's league.
  9. Well I dunno,I have ran 1 06 that was a friend(RIP) of mine and he could drive,I won,then another 05-07(dunno the diff)and I beat him.Far as I can tell Im all stock...the only thing I dunno about is the gears.So what is the specs on the 05's cause I have no clue.And on my mach Im not sure but isnt the specs something like 305hp 3??tq,I thought I read that the 04 mach is 310hp 3??tq I dunno.I read an 05 is around 300hp but then again I dunno,with that being said I dont really see how an 05gtvs03-04 mach stock for stock run....the 05 winning all that easily,especially when I have already beaten 2 and I know one of the drivers could drive and I got him by around 1 length.If those specs above are close and with the 03-04 being a lil lighter like I have been reading and 3.55 gears,I dunno what the new ones have,I would think the mach would be at a lil advantage,anyone please correct me if Im wrong on anything.
  10. Well a friend of mine had a 2004 Mach 1, he sold it and bought an 08 Bullitt. Same scale, same day and both of our cars having a full tank of gas, his Mach 1 was 5 kilograms HEAVIER than my 05 GT. We had a few races against each other with me winning all of them. To take the driver factor out of it, I even took his car down the track and I couldn't get it to run quicker than mine.

    The only Mustangs I have hunted have been 03 - 04 Mach 1's and those that I have raced I beat. There is one I would have loved to run but I haven't seen him back at the track. He was on Stangnet and had quite a few mods to his 03 Mach 1. He was at the track on my first ever outing with my car and was content that I ran a 14.2 @ 99 MPH. The next Friday, he was there and watched me run a few times that night, 13.7 @ 101 - 104 MPH. He did not run either of those nights. the only thing he wanted to know is if I did any mods to my car since the previous Friday. When I told him no, he didn't say anything further to me and he has not logged back into Stangnet since then. I am pretty sure that I saw his car for sale in Alberta about 2 months later as I almost bought it and it had the exact mods his did as it was the same colour, year and was also from Saskatchewan. According to his Stangnet location, he was about 2 hours away from the dealership in Alberta that had the car.

    His best with 3.55's was 13.7 @ 103 MPH with a lot mods( which I listed in previous S197 GT VS 03-04 Mach 1 posts ) including Drag Radials, I matched that with just a SLP LM axleback and Drag Radials on my second outing with the car. Later on that year, I went on to run a 13.68 @ 102 MPH with the same 2 mods and a MGW short throw shifter. Adding just a SCT X-Cal 2, I have been able to beat his best time with 4.10's that he had in his Mach 1. Hence I have trapped higher and ran quicker than his Mach 1 which has been the fastest 03 - 04 Mach 1 at that track.

    I have only seen a few Mach 1's at the track and all are still running slower than I have. It is very rare to see one of those at the track.
  11. Am I reading wrong?You say he has 3.55's then you say you match his 4.10's.You beat his time with a tune also,I was stating stock vs stock.I know the driver plays a huge factor.
  12. Yea, well she ran what she ran. I have the timeslip; if you really care that much, I could upload it when I get home from work. It was a year or two ago, and I made a thread about it because I was so surprised. It wasn't a fluke, either, as I ran a bunch of 13.7s that day followed by the 13.6.
  13. To understand what I am saying, you need to see his sig., which I thought I posted previously.

    Here it is:

    2003 Mach 1 Azure Blue
    Two Words Put The Entire Ride Into Perspective HANG ON!!
    Nitto's 275/40/17's
    Ford Racing 4:30 Gears
    PHP Spacer
    Hurst Line Lock
    DiabloSport Predator
    Custom X-pipe
    Flowmaster 40 Series
    K&N Aircharger (CAI
    SS Inserts
    Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
    MGW Accessories
    AutoMeter - Air/fuel, Volts, D-Pic
    NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
    Bullit Fuel Door
    Custom Ford Racing Decals
    [Best E.T 13.7 at 103 mph with 3:55's in
    Best E.T 13.5 at 101mph...with 4:30's in

    I matched his 13.7 @ 103 with a SLP LM axleback and Drag Radials on my 2nd ever outing, I beat it by adding a MGW short-throw.

    I beat his 13.5 @ 101 with a SLP LM axleback, Drag Radials, MGW Short Throw shifter and a SCT X-Cal 2.

    Like I said earlier, I raced my friends 04 Mach 1. He had a Magnaflow Cat-back and Drag Radials compared to my SLP axleback and Drag Radials. Even when I drove his car, I couldn't get it to match what my car ran that day.
  14. I bet his SS inserts and Billet fuel door add at least +37rwhp +46 rwtq
  15. I would say that there's something wrong with your car actually (in a good way), because that's quicker than any other 2V GT i've seen run with similar mods. Most auto's I've come accross are still running low-14's the those same few mods.
  16. The s197's are easily faster. I have beaten a couple, but only by a small margin, and I have cams and 4.10's. I probably make only about 5-10 more rwhp than a stock s197 with all the mods I have. The worst I ever beat one was by about 2.5 lengths, BUT my tires are horrible. And when I say horrible, I mean the stock tires were better...
  17. Exactly, I've been racing for a while and I know mod engines better than most. An auto with those little mods wont those times. They run mid 14s stock.
  18. Well guys, like I said, she ran what she ran. Here's the timeslip: 1361timeslipvu2.jpg
  19. I'm not doubting you, I merely stated it was the quickest time I've ever seen a stock to near stock automatic GT run. That would be what we all know as a "factory freak". And not to get a bee under your bonnet, but lets be honest....time slips prove dick! If someone were still doubting you, there's nothing that proves you weren't running more mods than you let on to achieve those times. Heck, for all we would know, that's not even your car.

    Just saying :shrug:
  20. Does it matter? They are all Mustangs. Who cares who is faster than who. There is always someone faster with a crappier car anyway.