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  1. I have an easier time believing that your car was the one that ran 15s. I just don't see how a pretty much stock mustang ran 13s. Heck, low 14s are factory freaks if its equipped with an automatic. Most automatics i see run are 14.5+ and 14.5 auto is with a good driver. Either that or i'm almost sure that the sensors were acting up, i've heard of it happening quite often
  2. If you know how to "drive" at automatic then mid 14 seconds for a stock GT is abysmal. Low 14's and high 13's should be the norm - play around with your shift points/pressure a little bit and you're easily in the high 13's.
  3. The other car was a 1999 Dakota R/T. He's a friend of mine, and really botched the launch on that run. That was my best run of the day, and his worst lol. The timing equipment was not messed up, unless it was purposefully tampered with to read low that day. I ran several 13.7s that day before cracking off the 13.6. It shouldn't be that hard to believe; look at the weather data, and my 60' time on that run. Anyway, it looks like we have successfully derailed this thread. I apologize for that. Carry on!
  4. auto cars do not trap 102mph in the quarter without putting down over 260rwhp or without gears.
  5. +1 my buddy has a 06 GT with a CAI and a tune and he ran 13 flat with some MT DR's...thats fast for just those mods
  6. I got my car dynoed shortly thereafter with the same mods stated in my previous post + a RAI and trans cooler. I put down 240 rwhp and 280 rwtq.

    I have 3.73s now, but I had the stock 3.27s when I made the 13.6 run. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the track this fall and see what she runs with all the other mods I've done since then.

    EDIT: And to keep the thread somewhat on track, my father has an '07 GT auto with a Borla axle-back, and my car is faster than his. We haven't had a chance to get to the track yet, but we've messed around on the street, and I pull 1.5 - 2 cars on him 0-60, and my car is still pulling on his by the end of it.
  7. Why do you care whether or not he ran what he did? You weren't there, you don't know him, you've never seen his Mustang run, and you're being completely unreasonable. I don't see why it's so hard to believe. Like Mustang5L5 said, they're all mustangs...stop acting like a douche.
  8. Tell me....who's the bigger douche MilkywayM16? The guy who is the disbeliever, that states his reasoning and stands by his convictions, or the guy who gets bent out of shape about it, creates a second user account under a false name in order to further argue the point and add tension to the argument by calling the disbeliever names?

    Not cool Flghtmstr1. You’ll just have to accept the fact that this is the internet and not everyone is going to believe every claim or story that's told.....whether its true or not. Your MilkywayM16 account has been banned and your Flghtmstr1 account has been issued an infraction as a reminder. Please refamiliarize yourself with the Stangnet Terms of Service if the reasoning behind your infraction is unclear?

  9. Post up those 13.7 slips please...

    I agree with mogs01GT regarding your car. You posted one slip and said you were running 13.7's earlier, so lets see some of those slips.

  10. When i bought my GT back in 2004, i took it to the track right away.

    While i was there, there was a guy with a 2002 GT automatic. It was bone stock and my 5-spd GT was bone stock at the time as well.

    Anyway we spent the night racing each other and were putting down consistent low 14's.

    My best was a 14.1

    His best with the auto was a 14.2

    I remember being pissed that I was only a tenth quicker than him...but at the time I only had 3 weeks worth of expeirence driving a manual transmission. I wanted a 13.9 badly.

    I haven't been back since though
  11. stock 05 gt weighs 3500
  12. banger, i know theres no point to my $.02(canadian).

    as a member of wildhorsesclub we race all the time. there are around 150 cars(stangs) give or take in the club in this region.

    of the 99-04'a there is only a few in the 9.0 second 1/8th(13.9 - 1/4) here. and they are CAI's, and a few parts. our track is MUCH slower than others. it isnt traction, but something else.

    a red rousch 06 runs 8.65 in the 1/8th here. very consistent. a 04 mach1 runs roughly the same stock.

    auto 04 mustang gt's with bolt ons run 9.20'- 9.50's. and rarely dyno near 250rwhp.

    thats just here, but no way they run 8.60's. that would put him near me at 277rwhp/340rwtq.
  13. Not at all...spend away. :D
  14. now if you analyze that timeslip....

    2.060 60' equals fair traction and torque at the tires for the 1/8th ET.
    5.788 330 = 3.71 second from 60'-330' or a little slow for the 8.8 1/8th. IMO spinning 1-2 shift
    8.816 1/8th @ 81.30? = a lot of hp for the ET. the et is in the 250 rwhp range the mph is in the 270rwhp range.

    the rest of the run is expected range IMO. that really looks like a car with stock tires and 270rwhp.

    that kind of power with DR's will run 8.5's/13.3 every time.
  15. it isnt easy to get 270rwhp out of a non-cammed 99-04. considering full bolt-on non cammed 99-04's make 255ish rwhp in manual tranny form.
  16. Guys, first of all, that MilkywayM16 guy that came in was my little brother. He likes to read these boards from time to time, and stumbled across this thread. It was nice of him to try to "stick up" for me like that, but I was not happy when I found out because I knew exactly what would happen (he would get banned, and I would look like a fool).

    I might not have those other runs' timeslips anymore, but I'll check when I get home from work. I do have a more recent timeslip that I got at Beaver Springs Raceway out in Central PA after I put on the throttle body / plenum and catback. That run was done on a hot, humid day, and Beaver is known to be a slow track. My best that day was another 13.6 but at 104 mph (thereby confirming the TB/plenum did something lol).

    Temperature seems to affect my car a lot more than other cars (non-mustangs) I've ridden in, so I don't think low 13s are unreasonable if I get a chance to go on a cool day this Fall. Like I said before, I have a tune (for 93 octane), and that could account for the apparent excessive power my car seems to be producing.

    Still, I don't see how my car could be making even close to 270rwhp the way it sits, seeing as I got it dynoed before the tb / plenum, CAI, catback, and drivetrain mods and it put down only 240 rwhp and 280 rwtq. I still have that sheet, but it's up at my apartment at school (I'm home for the summer on an internship).

    I don't remember whether those numbers were corrected or not, but I do know that it was a hot day and the dyno operator forgot to use fans to cool / supply air to my engine bay. My buddy got dynoed right after me, and he picked up 10rwhp from using the fan lol. Judging by my "seat-of-the-pants meter", and based off of how much power I put down before and what the additional mods are "supposed" to add, I think I'd put down around 250 rwhp and 290-300 rwtq if I got it re-dynoed as it sits.

    Anyway, I feel that this thread has really gotten off-topic; it's supposed to be about how the new S197s compare to our cars. If you guys want more information / timeslips / whatever regarding my car, feel free to bump one of my old threads about the topic or shoot me a PM. Alternatively, I (or one of you) could create a new thread where we can discuss this in further detail.

    EDIT: Another thing to consider is weight. My car weighs 3300 pounds on the street with a full tank of gas, jack, spare, assorted junk (should be a little less now due to additional weight reduction), and I only weigh 160 lbs. This would make my car a little lighter than most automatic New Edge mustangs, and further helps explain the discrepancy in performance.
  17. Well - since I started this snowball of a thread, I think we can possibly end it. I was heading to the airport to pick up the G/F yesterday and had my chance with the new Bullitt. I burned him from 60mph by about 1.5 car length heading a bit north of 100mph. Similar results starting at 80mph but only got a little more than a car length. SCT Livewire + dynotune + other mods FTW! That guy definitely had stocke xhaust on the car ( could see the ugly mufflers hangings) but had some big aftermarket deepdishes that were probably 18 inch diameter. Bigger tires/contact only make you faster off the line ;). DIDN"T SPRAY! My purge connector (the T fitting that connects the nitrous in line to the nitrous solenoid and purge solenoid) is leaking at the fitting that connects the purge solenoid to the T fitting. I used teflon paste AND even attempted some light JBWeld in the area of leak to no effect.
  18. Also - in response to Billfisher - my 01 GT pullet 269 RWHP on the dyno before I had to retard my timing for nitrous. I don't have cams. Also, most of the people who claim "full bolt on" are not fully bolted on. I was running a ported/port matched upper and lower intake manifold - truly FULL bolt on, totally uncatted headers, prochamber midpipe, etc, see the sig.
  19. Thank you for the explanation Flghtmstr1. There was really no need for him to defend your position though, as I’m sure your reputation would have remained in tact. You know what you ran and you've got your time slips as a reminder. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks.....just enjoy your car and enjoy the fact that it goes as fast as it does, with next to no modifications. :nice:

    .....and tell your little brother his membership status is being discussed and that should he be allowed back onto the site, he might not want to call another long standing member a "douche" in his debut matter how much he might disagree with him. Stuff like that just screams troll and brings unneeded drama to the site! ;)
  20. Agreed, and thank you for being reasonable about all this. I shot you a PM.