"NEW" engine in my car, how can I tell?

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  1. As part of my used car saga, I continue to find suspicious things with my car.
    My 05 Mustang GT was purchased from CarMax with 65K miles on it.

    The CarFax report gave me no information beyond the car was purchased by a private owner. No inspections, no licence plate renewals.... nothing.

    The first odd thing I noticed on the car was new struts. Why?

    Then I noticed how clean the engine was. I mean the engine was spotless, with the exception of the dust build up around the spark plug holes.

    I changed the engine oil and filter. It was very clean.

    I changed the air filter. It was discustingly dirty.
    So I went further up the air path and found the throttle body was spotless.
    No oil, no tarnish.... perfectly clean. The intake manifold also looks spotless.
    Front timing cover, spotless. Oil pan, clean with normal road dust and dirt.

    So how can I tell if this engine is new, rebuilt, or what?
    Any suggestions?
  2. holy crap thats a lot of miles.
  3. if everything is running fine, then why worry about it?

    Worst case is that you might uncover something bad like the car was wrecked and you paid more for a car that had been in an accident. Then your just gonna feel ba dand ripped off. and then what are you gonna do?? No way you would be able to get your money back i don't think. The car was probably sold as in and with no warentee.

    You might be able to take the perosn to a small claims court. but it woudl be tuff to argue what you felt you deserved for value of the car.

    I would probably say take your car for what it is. there is no documentation saying it is bad so go with it.

    I had a cobra that was a leased car and it had a clear title even though there were signs of "repainting" of a fender. but there isn't much i could do about it, "it was clean and clear from car fax" apparently the dealer can get around stuff like that on a leased car. Which sounds like that is what your car is judging by the high milage.

    Final Theory:
    It was a business car and the dealer steamed cleaned the engine and detailed it for resale.
  4. I doubt it's got a new motor ..
  5. See if the numbers match...
  6. The engine compartment stays fairly clean on these cars compared to earlier model Mustang's. I bet they cleaned it up for the sale.

    You could check out the cam cover sticker for a quick check. Date code should be close to your car (should not see an 06/07/08 year). IF I remember correct date format is DDMMYY followed by a serial # and a couple other things. THEN, if you suspect anything, you could go to your Ford dealer and get an OASIS report...
  7. far as the TB, thats taken care of purely by a fuel flush, the ones I sell at the ford dealership in charleston clean a cars motor up pretty good. It's pulled in through the TB. Sounds just like the cars been taken care of
  8. it is easy to get routine maintenance done on a business car, because the business pays for it so it is more likely to get done. It saves the company from expensive repairs and better fuel economy.
  9. I will not look a "gift" pony in the mouth... as the car runs great and I am very happy with it. :nice:

    But considering my previous GT had 72K miles on it, and I took very good care of it, frequently detailing even the engine compartment, I can say this new GT has an even cleaner engine than seems possible. And I have never seen a throttle body assembly/intake look as clean as the one I now have.... unless it just came out of the box!

    I still have suspicions about the cars history.
    Yet with CarMax, I did get a 5 day buy back and basically a 30 day bumper to bumper warrantee. I wont be giving the car back, and hopefully any serious issues will pop up over the next couple of weeks. I'll be pushing the car kinda hard to see if anything gives.

    Thanks to all for the inputs.

    Final note: Is a VIN or other ID "stamped" anywhere on the engine, or just the valve cover sticker? :shrug:
  10. I've been to auto auctions before and seen otherwise crappy looking cars with an engine compartment that looked brand new. Your car was probably well detailed.

    As for the struts, it's pretty common to change those when you lower the car. Was it lowered when you bought it? I notice you have springs listed.

    It really sucks how dealers can be allowed to "clean" up their titles though.
  11. I do know that the car has not been lowered... yet.
    I managed to remove my Ford racing springs from my old GT prior to the insurance company hauling it off.

    I took a long hard look at the exhaust manifold studs, and motor mount hardware.
    None of that appears to be new, or have been touched recently. (at all?)
    So perhaps everyone is right.... they just did a bang up job on cleaning the engine.

    I do wish there was more of a history... state safety inspections, emissions tests, a Ford service record or two..... something beyond "sold to private owner w/11 miles".
  12. Carfax is garbage. I wrecked a vehicle, pulled it up on Carfax just for chits and giggles, guess what !? It was a clean, perfect vehicle !!
  13. Have you thought about trying to get an oasis report? Stop in at any ford dealership and see if they will run one for you.
  14. How's that going to help if the motor wasn't replaced at the dealership? :D