New Engine won't start, HELP!!!!

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  1. Yeah I apprecaite it. I'm just starting to be afraid I don't have any compression. How hard should it be to turn the motor with a breakerbar and a socket?

  2. Have you tried some starting fluid yet? Such a cheap and simple thing, if the car tries to fire over when you do this, then you'll have a better idea where to look.
  3. even with low compression, the motor would still try to start at least. You'd hear it wanting to fire up. it'd have to have almost zero compression to be a problem like that.
  4. On an EFI car, where do I spray the starting fluid? Take off the air filter and MAF, or what?
  5. Yes. I'd open it up where the throttle body is and spray some right into the throttle body, then put the air intake back on the throttle body and give her a shot. I think even if you are 180* out of time, it'll still try to start. It'll let you know your problem is elsewhere.
  6. I'll get some and try it
  7. No difference at all with the starting fluid. Something is wrong somewhere, I just don't know where else to look.
  8. Just a thought, is the TFI module plugged in? That is about the only other electronic piece in the ignition circuit that hasn't been referenced.
  9. you sure it's just not way out of time?
    here's a pic of mine.
    comparing mine and Mark's(the_mustang) picture,your's is in a different position.
    see the tab on the cap(yellow arrow),our's is to the right of the green line,your's is up front.
    mine is a reman from autozone with an MSD cap and rotor,set to 10*BTDC.

    could try setting the engine to TDC again,use the intake manifold bolt as a referance and re-stab the dizzy.

    hope this helps alittle.

    good luck.

  10. Where is the TFI module located on this car? Like I said, I'm a carb guy, this EFI thing is new to me:)
  11. I'll try it again, let me see.
  12. Mine did the exact same thing after my engine re-build, turns out i had the dizzy out 180*(even though i checked and verified it twcie while on the engine stand), re-stabbed it and still no go. So i put the timing light on it and checked the timing during cranking, and lo and behold it was so far retarded it wouldnt fire, gave it a quick twist and it fired right up.
    Put a timing light on it and get someone to crank it over while you check, and dont forget about pulling the SPOUT,
  13. How'd you tell the dizzy was out 180? I've tried the thumg method, screwdriver method, all different types and can't verify which stroke i'm on. Plus I just found out my timing indicator is bent, so I'm not sure exactly where the point is.
  14. Just pulled the #1 plug and used the thumb method and turned the motor over with ratchet&socket on the crank, once i felt compression i lined it up with the timing marks to 0. But i still ended up being way retarded
  15. hey, I brought up the TFI! :D It's remote mounted on the fender side
  16. passanger side fender,under the air intake tube.

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  17. Problem is I can't feel any air coming out of the #1 plug hole. So I guess it's time to start taking it back apart. The only part I didn't assemble myself was the shortblock, and that was straight from Ford. Maybe a bad ring. Dunno.
  18. I would toss a compression tester on there first before you start rippin and tearin. You mentioned you replaced the valve springs, could there be someway the valves are stuck open enough to allow compression loss? im swingin pretty far with that, but it really could be anything. if you have spark and fuel your missing some air somewhere.

    Even if the the dizzy was out 180, it would still fart and pop, Mine did atleast. It was farting and popping out of the exhaust.

    Did you somehow have a major brain fart and forget the push-rods? how about cam timing? did you run it straight up? Rockers tourqed down properly?
  19. I'm starting to question everything I did. Everything was in there, I know that much. I put in new lifters, rods and 1.7 rockers. I had the machine shop port the heads and put the new springs in, with the valve polish. Cam timing was straight up with a new chain. I followed the proform instructions on the rocker bolt sequence of roatating the motor and torqueing each valve in sequence during rest. Would there be anything to do with using the 87 cam? It was in perfect condition.
  20. I bought a new ocmpression gauge and I can't get any reading on the #1. Throttle wide open, turning it manually or with the starter. nothing