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  1. I just got back from the New England auto show which is nothing compared with new york but I did get some good info from the Ford rep.

    They did not have the concept or the production GT 500 there.
    There will be 10000 made ( he was very certain but not positive)
    The MSRP will be bellow 40K but there expecting most places to have a 10K markup.
    The production version will definatly be at new york

    he also said "that if you definatly wanted to get one to put a 2K deposit on it now. Most reputable dealers should do it if not go somewhere else."
  2. lets see some pics

  3. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a reputable dealer. That term is an oxymoron these days.
  4. WTF!?!? WHO SAID THAT? Are you sure it was a Ford employee or a contract agent who was basically showing off the car? crapola Someone is getting a nasty message from me tomorrow morning...
  5. like I said in my post neither the concept of the production version of the car were there so no pics. the guy that I talked to was a ford emplyee and did seem to know his stuff. So the info could be just more B.S. but thats what he told me. Im still getting one unless the challenger that is comming out is as good as it looks? So it will depend on my loyalty to ford, how much there marked up, and posibly how much they will be used because depreciation sucks no matter how good the car.
  6. Which part of that dialog was incorrect?! :Word: I personally believe every word of it.

    * it sounded exactly like what we've been expecting to hear ...
  7. The fact is none of them have been sold to dealers. Going out a dealer and putting down a deposit is only going to create a cluster**** for our dealer network not to mention drive up over sticker prices when you have Jim Bob's Ford going to his dozen or so deposit holders and saying "well Mr Smith offered me $5K over sticker? I only have one now, and I'll get my second and last one in the spring, what's your bid?".... "Mr Johnson, I just got $6K offered by someone else. I only have one now, the next one comes in six months, what's your bid?"....If you want to set the price higher than fine, you'll give those fighting for a higher MSRP at Ford a better chance at it, believe me we could use the revenue.
  8. :rlaugh: Just make more of them you knuckleheads!!! :Teh-Win:

    and problem solved
  9. It really is a shame how this is probably going to unfold. Ford has got a car here that could turn things around for their company bigtime, and they're going to allow SVT dealers to stick it in their a$$es. If they had any balls at all they'd issue a statement to dealers that there is a cap on prices for these cars, lets just say 2500 over msrp. (with penalties if they gouge) If they did that there would be such market for these wonderful machines that plants would have to run 24-7 to keep up. If you think about it, price gouging pissed so many people off on the 03 and 04 Cobras they lost thousands of sale's. I wouldn't buy one for that reason. By the time the demand went down a lot of people including myself refused to buy because of the a-hole dealers. This is a great car, and it really could help profit margins at Ford. They just need to grow a sack like Harley Davidson did and get these greedy dealers in check. The proof is in the Ford GT sales numbers. Another great car that would have sold more if the dealers would have just offered to the demand at MSRP.
  10. Unfortunately, most of the franchise agreements (and state franchise laws) do not allow Ford or any other maufacturer to control what the dealer charges. Ford is just stupid to underprice (yes, they are underpriced if people will line up to pay over sticker) these cars and let the dealers make the money.

    I would much rather have Ford make the money and stay in business than have the slimy salesman and his manager get a fat bonus for shafting their customer.
  11. I think this will be the same as the Mach, after the first couple months there will be no mark-up. It will be very hard to mark-up when you can get a new C6 for around the same price.
  12. The Ford rep you talked to was a dip****. Most reputable dealers aren't taking deposits yet but do have lists started and when they do start taking deposits, no more then a $500 refundable deposit will be required. In fact, most reputable dealers won't take a deposit until full specs and pricing on the car are released. The dealers taking the deposits now are merely getting a free loan from your pocketbook.

    I'm #1 on the GT500 convertible list at my local dealer, no deposit until final specs, retail pricing and the order banks are open. This is how it's supposed to be done.
  13. working both ends or what? :rolleyes:

  14. I love how people say that they will ONLY buy a GT500 on the A-plan o X-plan. Dream on :)
  15. Alright somebody is awake and noticed! No in reality I saw the guy's post about being #1 for a vert in Overland, so I naturally assumed that was his dealer and claimed to be on what I thought was his list as well. Good work.
    SVT products are usually not on A-plan, the 04 Cobra was because well they were just plenty of them, hence why the majority in management are sticking with the 7,200 number. It would be nice to get one on A-plan, but if I do spring for one, I think in this case it's only fair that I pay what you pay, even if it's a penny more. Yes these things will get marked up, is it sad? In a way yes, my opinion is that we can sell these for more, use the revenue to help the ailing company. But yes, prices will fall, maybe. So with that, let he who is with deep pockets make the first deal, the rest of us seriously interested in the car can and will wait for sticker.
  16. Amen .. my sentiments exactly.