New exhaust recommendations! I need to hear that engine roar!

Dec 6, 2018
South Carolina
Going insane trying to find the best exhaust for my S550. Yes, I’m expecting to hear a million people scream Corsa down from the heavens but before that lemme just go over my likes and dislikes. I need something to sound like the true muscle car it is, not a ricer.

-DEEP exhaust notes
-You can hear me coming before you see me coming
-Rich, intoxicating muscle car sound
-Quad tipped exhaust, I don’t mind changing the rear valence
-Stainless Steel, Full cat back
-Chrome tips

-If it sounds like snap, crackle pop then it belongs in a cereal box, not an engine
-Ricer like sound - “Whiiiiinnnneee” - you know the kind
-Sacrificing deep exhaust notes for the sake of being loud

I wanna hear the engine while driving but don’t want the glass shaking from drone either. It’s very difficult to tell from sound clips but so far Borla & Corsa seem to stand out the most for the sound. My ‘98 GT Convertible has a Bassani stainless Steel cat back exhaust that I removed the baffles out of and a Bassani xpipe to go with it and it’s probably the best Mustang I’ve ever heard so far. But the ‘15’s on up are a difficult animal entirely it seems. I welcome all thoughts, opinions and criticism and look forward to the replies on this one!


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