New flywheel has broken already

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  1. I have just installed a 351w in my 93 former 4 banger. I mated it with a built 92 WC T5. I installed a 157T 28oz Flywheel (because 351w uses 28 not 50 like 5.0). I used the same starter that I had installed when the engine had a C4 auto. My understanding is that the T5 and C4 starters are the same, correct?? The starter blew almost all the teeth off the brand new flywheel. I dont understand why this happened? The measurment from the engine side of the flywheel to the starter is 1". Am I some how using the wrong starter. Obviously this swap has been a nightmare thats going to cause me to get a divorce lol. Not only do I have to drop the trans again, but now I need to drop more $ on a new flywheel. Please help, I cant do this again!

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  2. You are correct that the T5 uses an auto trans starter, unlike previous Ford manual trannys (Toploaders)
  3. Man that's messed up! (Just looked at pics)

    I'd have to try and warranty that.
    There is no way a starter should do that.
    Are the teeth engaged when the starter is not engaged?
    Was there something keeping the engine from spinning?
    Even then, the starter shouldn't strip teeth. It would just engage and get hot, maybe groan a little. (At least in my experience)
    I have never seen that...
  4. The sad thing is I installed the motor and trans together and put it in the car. Waist of time and effort. The car is still sitting on jack stands, I only started it once. The only noise I heard when first trying to start was the starter gear hitting the flywheel. I tried to shim the starter with washers to try and get it to engage but it didn't work. Finally I rotated the crank a few inches and it engaged and started right up. I set the timing and then tried to start it again and all it did was free spin. I pulled the starter and this is what I seen. Everything is brand new. Starter,flywheel,clutch, rebuilt trans, and motor. This is supposed to be fun.
  5. The engine is a 84 351w. The t5 is out of a 92 mustang. I'm using a brand new block plate. What am I missing?
  6. Well, if you can't get the flywheel warranteed, the one positive is that most flywheels have the starter gear pressed on and it can be replaced if that is the case with yours.
  7. Carnage brother! It just goes to show you the starter is tougher than the flywheel! The teeth must be hardened! I have no clue what you need bro, but when I seen this I just needed to say GOOD LUCK and I hope you get it fixed!
  8. I pulled the flywheel and half of the teeth were completely gone. I just installed another brand new one. I put everything back together (flywheel, clutch, block plate, trans) and the dam starter still doesn't engage all the time. Sometimes it starts fine and then it sounds like its banging against the flywheel. I even returned the starter for another one. I'm completely lost and frustrated. its starting to not be fun anymore.
  9. I wonder if your not up against different tooth dimension standards due to the spread in years. Seems like the late 80s early 90s is when American cars changed to metric.
  10. I think the best thing to do is call autozone and ask them what exact starter you need. I bet Summit would actually be a better choice because I am sure they have run into that before.
  11. What application is your current starter for? How about the flywheel? Bellhousing? Have you verified alignment between the starter gear and FW?

    Also, it's possible to get multiple defective reman parts from the chain stores or get the wrong part in the right box. I as well as people I know have gone through that with Autozone. My father got a starter for a '65 Galaxie, installed it, and it didn't work. He had the clerk test the new replacement before leaving the store and not only did it not work, but the one behind it didn't either! I found several iron-geared Duraspark packaged for roller cam applications when I was putting the 5.0 in my '68. :nono:

    There was no change like that in the smallblock's production. They never went metric, either.

    The shift to metric actually started in the '70s when US car makers began regularly sourcing engines and vehicles from Europe and Asia in the '70s. The Ford Courier was made in Japan and the Pinto's 2.3 was a German design. It's been a nuisance having mixed fasteners ever since.

  12. The autozone that I go to is great bro! There are more mustang owners in it than any other in my area. I know they are not all like that ,but mine has a sweet spot. I also said try summit. Why are you not laughing at that? They have helped me with a lot of mixmatched parts. Remember not all places are the same just like people are not the same. I went to a autozone in Myrtle Beach and they didn't even know what a TFI Module was. I was sooooo mad I said REALLY!!! So I know what you are talking about. I hope you can pull all your resources together and help to get this guy back on the road because as far as I am concerned you have taken full responsibility with all your knowledge. You sound like you have it in the bag bro! Get some parts # for him and let him order it if you could. That would help him more in the long run. Thanks!
  13. Went back to autozone. After cursing out manager because he was accusing me of trying to return a starter just because the warranty was almost up, I was told not to come back lol. Went to advance auto, bought the most expensive 5.0 starter they had and guess what, it works like a champ. The autozone by my house is a joke. He took the starter and put it on a tester and said its fine. I told him the gear isn't engaging properly and he just kept rolling his eyes at me like I was some dead beat. It took every ounce in me not to slap the taste out of his mouth. Now I have a starter with a lifetime warranty and not that junk rebuilt crappy. Thank you everyone for the input!
  14. Parts stores don't seem to understand that when someone gets a starter that's made in Malaysia, and it blows the teeth off of your brand new expensive flywheel, your not gonna be happy. Especially someone who has a car on jackstands and has to bench press the t5 while bolting it with the other hand by yourself is not an easy job. It's a shame, I really liked duralast batteries lol.
  15. Sorry to hear about all your troubles brother,! I went to autozone and got some cheap window tint for my explorer one time. When I pulled it out it was bad. I took it back and they said they would not take it back. I recently purchased an engine and all the goodies to make it work and was appaulled that they were so anal about the window tint. I told them either give me another box or my money back otherwise I would NEVER come back! They give me another box. I stood my ground because I had done nothing wrong. It is a shame that they did that to you! Call the regional office and mke a formal complaint. No need to let the guy make you cuss him. I feel your pain and I hope the new starter works for you.
  16. Then yours is the exception rather than the rule. The clerks that really know cars are rare to begin with and, ironically, usually too smart to stay. I have recollections on that topic, too.

    Because I have no personal experience asking Summit about parts interchange. The Autozones I have dealt with employ people that can barely find the right parts on a shelf, so I know that asking them an unusual application-specific question would be akin to asking a cabbage.

    In the end, it turned out that all the parts were right to begin with and the crap Autozone starters were to blame.
  17. That is for sure! Autozones have crappy parts sometimes and when I am in a jamb I can almost always find one. Them or Advanced auto, Oreillies, and Napa. I agree with you brother I just hope that it fixed his problem. Sometime shimming comes into play as well. Who knows I just am glad we haven't heard anything back on his problem! LOL!!!