New Ford models this year (inlcuding '05 mustang)

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  1. For the all around Ford buffs on board, here is a lineup of new vehicles coming (or have landed) this year:

    '05 Mustang (coupe GT & V6 in Nov. convert to follow)

    '05 Ford GT (everyone has seen it, 500 horse power beast. Sticker price at 150K plus...offers at my dealership alone has peaked at 300K.)

    '05 Escape (landed -- changes to the front facia, all auto, and shift is on the center consul)

    '05 Focus (landed -- changes to the headlights/front facia/slight interior -- very nice and quick ZX4 model now included)

    '05 Freestyle (new suv, a combo between the Explorer and Escape -- date tba unknown)

    '05 Ford 500 (very, very sweet sedan to replace the taurus. AWD is an option, ordering has comensed, should arrive late this year.)

    There are a few more cars/trucks on the running board...more info to come.