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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Sebastien Bouvette, May 31, 2012.

  1. I'm just a car guy that building a Ford monster Miata.

    Hope i can find a lot of information and part on your forum.


  2. ...about a Miata? :scratch:

    Advance warning... Many will contrue that as sacrilege. o_O

    Tell em it's in a Mercury Capri or something. :D
  3. Not many Monster Miata builds on this site Sebastien, but we could aways use a first. Welcom. :canada:

    No man....Monster Miat swaps have been popular for almost 20-years. That's amongst one of the cooler engine swaps IMO.

    Not sacrilegious like dumping a crappy LSX engine into a Fox body. :notnice:

  4. You two guys have about the same spelling skill. :D
  5. Says the guy who probably just ran the above statement through auto correct before posting. ;)
  6. Thanks Guy. I'm also on, but i'm here to know more about the 5.0l engine... A monster miata is more a light mustang... :)

    anyway i start with a 1995 gt engine, so i remove all the miata stuff, even the fuse box.. :)

    I curently finishing my wiring and i want to give more power the 302.
  7. Sweet! Put a Kenne Bell on it and pay up your life insurance. :nice:
  8. ha ha... a guy already run that setup... I want to change my top end... got stock block and cam with 1.7 rr, with gt-40 intake and rebuild head with compcam spring.

    Looking for a set of aluminum head. what to kkep that thing NA