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  1. I think I like this better. It mixes all of us SN95 guys with the Fox guys. I often think I am missing out on conversations here from the Fox forums because I rarely read them. Now if we can just get people to post TECH related topics in the appropriate TECH forums LOL.
  2. I agree this will be a overall better thing...will take a little getting use to the change but I think it will be for the better.

    Such a small pool of sn95 guys,might as well mix us in with the rest of the 5.0 guys.
  3. Personally I think it stinks.... Why do I want to sift through Fox body stuff to talk about 94-95's
  4. As well as 4 cylinders
  5. Oh and naturally there will be more foxes. I get the reasoning for the change, the same reason there are limited aftermarket parts for the 94/95. It only had a two year run and it wouldn't be profitable to produce model specific parts. For the case of the forum I'm assuming since it had has a smaller following than most it was just taking up space.
  6. Such is life
  7. There is still a 94-95 specific forum. I don't understand the confusion. This is a general talk forum. Use it to talk about cool cars you saw today. For topics such as this one for example. Or what you want to do to your car next. If you have a technical topic specific to your car, the forum for that is still there. On every forum "general chat" is used for all the leftover topics that have no specific forum for them.

    This forum would be a lot better if the moderators would be a bit more aggressive about moving these threads to the appropriate forum for awhile to get everyone used to it.

  8. That is not the intent at all. What we're going for here, it to put the chit-chat forums together for folks with a lot of similarities in interest. So Fox 5oh, SN 5oh, and the 2.3s are all the same basic era. The SN 5oh has more in common with the Fox genre than with 4.6 guys (generally speaking). So we placed ONLY the chit-chat forums in a common location.

    The technical forums are still how they used to be. Though a lot of the tech does crossover concerning power train between the two platforms, we recognize that there are too many differences for them to be co-located and coherent.

    The Talk forum will evolve. The stickies will change, there will be some for each platform as the membership locates and highlights them. Suggestions on that front are welcome. PM me with those highlights or suggestions. :)
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  9. Noobz, I have been meaning to give you props on the website. I know there was a lot of resistance at first, mostly because people are afraid of change, but I really think the new layout/UI is great, and now even mobile browsing is AWESOME. Now that I’m used to Stangnet, other forums (cough… Corral… cough) feel antiquated and clunky. Good work old chum.
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  10. Thanks NIK! :)

    Mike (MRaburn) has been great to work with! We bounce ideas around all the time. Some of them we try while others look like nightmares before they ever get off the ground. hehe

    I can't count the number of times one of the two of us has come up with and idea that branched into something else entirely and ended up working out well. It's great to work on a forum where the owner is just as interested in keeping it fresh as any dedicated member with lots of interest in this forum.

    We see forums go stagnant all the time. There are forums out there that haven't changed a lick in over 10 years. Still running the same old tired software from back in the day. What's even worse is that many of those same forums have staff that run amok and go unchecked.

    We TRY to observe the trends here and if possible, modify to forum to follow the trends of the membership vs. having a bunch of mods running around screaming "YOU WILL LEARN TO HATE MY ISLAND"! :fuss:

    That's not what we're about and it's certainly not what MRaburn is about. He's VERY receptive to new ideas (even if they are sometimes not good ideas). LOL
  11. I think its great that we have people that want to improve the look and functionality of the forum.

    It is just another reason why this one will continue to stand out to me. I've been a member for years and keep coming back.
  12. I suppose the main gripe about the new integrated talk section is the amount of traffic it receives. A fella could post a thread and a few moments later it will be half way down the page and go unnoticed
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  13. Thanks 88 glad someone agrees
  14. One thing I noticed is when I open Stangnet in a browser on my Galaxy S2 it's really screwed up. I have to use tapatalk.
  15. the mobile site is ridiculously good compared to previous versions. I have zero issues on my Nokia Lumia 920
  16. Haha... That's kind of funny. One of the things that we hear over and over (and over) again from MANY folks, are complaints that the forums seem sooooooooo slooooooooooow compared to what it was back in the day. I keep telling them that as the forum has grown that it has spread out. Traffic hasn't really changed that much. It's true.... Over time, more and more forums were created and as a result each individual forum had less traffic. It's kind of funny that you are the first so far, that has made the opposite argument. hehe

    This is the first I've heard of this. I do know though that the G2 is one of the more ummm... How to say.... temperamental phones on the market. What operating system are you using? Is it Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, or something else?

    How does the skin look when you turn the phone sideways for landscape mode?
  17. Looks the same. Just wider. It's OK now. It's sometimes when I try to click on the alert icon it goes to the main home screen (with the news on it like the Air Force Mustang) then press my back button.

    I am running the latest Samsung Androd software version 4.0.4

    But an ice cream sammich sounds pretty good :drool:
  18. lol having a fat kid moment Kevin?
  19. Well we took the baby to the park and it was like really sweaty out. Then

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