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  2. Well I just got home from picking up my 6 year old from her friends house and her face had some chocolate ice cream left over on it.

    I kind of chuckled and thought of you right away.
  3. I like it. I appreciate all of the stuff you guys do to bring this place up to speed. ( Unfortunately,'s the reference standard I use when visiting other sites) I think it's a good idea to force a co-mingling of the bodies just for the sake of broadening the reach. It appears that people come and go, the broader the base,..the less "starting over" that has to be done.
  4. I agree that people tend to sort of come and go but as for the sn95 guys. We have the same core group that has been around for years and few are more active than others but they always come back eventually. We have even added a few new guys here and there. Definitely a rare breed. I have always been a foxbody guy myself but I have owned a sn95 for the better part of the last 10 years.
  5. Thanks Mike. :)

    Speaking of which... You can help spread the word as you run into folks that if they've lost their log-on information that I can help them regain their old accounts. Many folks don't know that. Particularly the ones that initially signed on years ago with some email account that they've long forgotten.

    It's usually a fairly simple matter to verify that the account is theirs if I'm put in direct contact with them.
  6. Wish you would have helped me back in 05' I had a account from 99 and after some major life changes I forgot my info and/or my email was hacked (pretty sure that was the case). None the less I actually had 6 more years of posting and being around that went unaccounted for.
  7. Which has me as a regular member now days

  8. PM me the account name and I'll take a look. I can merge the two accounts.
  9. I like most of what you are trying to do. There is a problem with entering text into a window or two. The new window pops up on my RAZR max And the screen scrolls to the top of the whole page. Sometimes it pops back to where you are typing, sometimes you type blind.
    Secondly, it is still hard to scroll by hand to the right line in the typing window. This makes proofreading it exceedingly difficult. It is allmost impossible to get to the bottom line in a newly typed post. Holding the phone upright is easier to scroll on the window, but harder to type.

  10. @Noobz347, speaking of that, what happened to the 'member list' that we used to be able to view and get in touch with other members?
  11. That was replaced with the "Spy" at the top of the list. If you're looking for someone in particular, just use the search window then click on their profile. That works too.
  12. Bump.

    I'm just getting back off vacation and sort of pushing the reset button with the new site layout. The first thing I thought was that all of the tech and talk were going to be piled together. I guess I followed thru on this thought because I "hate" to read anything that I am not actually researching. More than likely I am not alone in my reading reluctances'. Do get to the facts, I would have had to research the actual gut-detail of these changes; which I did - sort of, by coming down to check out this comment thread.

    Only after pushing on into this feedback thread , did I find out what was really happening thru these current changes. Now, having expressed this point and click data, I would add that within the "NEW CHANGE NOTIFICATION," a brief sentence or two to clarify that it is actually just the "TALK" stuff that is being merged, and note the tech forum, would have been extremely helpful to me. But then, I more than likely would not be visiting this thread and posting with all you cool cats on here.

    BTW, I think Stangnet wing-dings are some of the coolest I have ever seen - except for the one where the stick figure is humping the word MOM. I think this one is distasteful as well as disrespectful to mothers and women alike.

    Another comment about talk and tech forums: Often I things folks get crossed-up a bit when in the tech forums and simply post up, what should be deemed a talk topic, into the tech forums because they generally only visit a particular tech forum in the first place. I say this because I personally never venture over to others forums outside 5.0 tech. Maybe I should force myself to do so, but time is just tooo limited for me on the web.

    No matter what, I have come to value STAGNET over any other stang site. Thanks to all. Now back to the Tech Forum!

  13. Here's the way I look at the stick figure... I'm sure you've got buddies that you "banter" with. That particular smiley is for those situations. There are folks on here that have known each other for 15+ years! Granted that stick guy really doesn't belong in the tech forum. He mostly hangs out in the off-topic areas where in a real life meeting, guys might hand their buddy the 'warm' beer or clank the top to make the foam run down down the sides. So that one is definitely a matter of perception.

    The lines between Talk or Tech can fuzzy to some. It's always been a pretty simple and practical matter to me and I spend a reasonable amount of time moving posts from one to the other. A Tech thread would consists of something along the lines of, "How do I", "This how you", or "What is" kind of questions.

    Talk is more, "Check this out", "Who make", or "Opinions on this look, or sound, or plan, etc.".

    Most folks get a feel for it before long (as I'm sure that you have). It's mostly new members that have difficulty figuring out what goes where. That applies to ANY forum layout. That was a big catalyst to setting up the forum structure to how it is now. Pick your model genre, click, and post whatever is on your mind. Since the top forum is the community chit-chat, you really can't go wrong. When having an issue or being stumped... Time to head to tech to get more serious, thought out responses.
  14. In regards to what qualifies as "tech" and what qualifies as "talk" I wouldn't say is too hard to define. But this is where the change lies: when the 94/95s were segregated from earlier models one could post a topic in the talk section in regards to just about anything. For instance there is a guy who was experiencing overheating issues and he requested help in the talk section which was a non issue and probably a better choice simply for the fact that there were more people watching the "talk" section. I suppose it will still work the same way the only downside is now an abundance of replies to the point of over-kill. The guy w the over heating issues had lets say 15 replies and now its shot up to over 100. Who wants to sift through 100 replies!?

  15. Usually those kinds of posts shoot up in responses because they don't require a great deal of technical knowledge to solve. So they usually get more participation.

    Consider the top/talk forum as the lobby. The tech sections are more specific and geared toward problems... kinds like a company meeting.
  16. I can't tell you how many, "What the best sounding exhaust for XX"? :rolleyes:


    Guess my HP. :nonono:

    What wheels look badass? :doh:

    I sweep those into Talk when as find them.
  17. Hear ya but there's only so much new happening to 20 year old cars.
  18. disagree, there's a TON happenng to thse cars
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  19. Werd.... The 5 oh section generates more activity than any other two sections combined.
  20. I have lost a couple old friends to terminators. They both went from 5.0 to terminators