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  1. which took them away from the 5.0 world. I told a couple young pups with 5.0s about the site the other night at the local carwash.
  2. Simple: they don't cost $40k
  3. Such as? The "new" trickflow 185s, eddlebrock e streets, gt40s, steeda triax, and 3.73 gears? Oh and how bout that new smog pump delete thing? Yes these are popular cars to mod and such, I mean shoot they had the same power plant for 16 years, but I wouldn't go as far to say there is any new stuff going on. All the magazines like muscle mustangs and fast fords that push and market products mostly feature modular stuff now. Which is the way of the world I suppose. Out w the old in with the new, promote new products to sell new cars. I don't mean to go off on a rant here but i have to roll my eyes every time i see someone reply to another gent w "do a search" c'mon fellas when's the next time a new problem with the internal combustion engine will arise? I get it y'all are tired of answering the same questions like why is my car overheating or what belt do I need to get rid of emissions stuff and do I need larger injectors. But w/ out those questions there would be no forums. Well maybe not no forums but it'd be awfully quiet in here.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I think it keeps some of us actually in tune with our cars as well. Things you forget about and might start looking into.

  5. I'm not sure what it is that you're trying to argue about. :shrug: If you don't want to answer questions or try and help someone out then don't.

    These cars are a hobby. Just like any other hobby, there are ton of things that have been done and easily as many that haven't yet. I've been around long enough to have heard the "It's all been done before" song, time and again. Then someone broke into the 10's with a 10.5" wide tire. Then someone took a Fox to the winner's circle in SCCA. Then someone took a street legal Fox into the 8's. LOL

    Sure... If you're a bolt-on mechanic then it might get dry after a while. Hell, my car has been sitting in storage for over a year. :shrug: Take a look though, at some of the things that Raceoholic and MadMike are doing (just to name a couple).

    I mean... nobody is forcing you to sit around posting while you await the next bolt-on upgrade.

    As far as the "do a search" thing... There are 15 YEARS of archives and threads in just this forum alone. A I mentioned above, a LOT of it takes only a gentle rubbing of brain cells to find. Just look through the classifieds section and see how many times I've had to ask people to fix their threads. There's a HUGE announcement at the top of the screen for all new members that tells them what info is required. Do they read it? Often not... I dunno why. :scratch: Wanna talk about getting tired of something. LOL

    If you're bored and you want to make an impact. BUILD RESOURCES! There's a brand new resource section in these forums. Pic a subject, do a project, make a how-to about it and bang out a resource!
  6. Noobz ya missed the point ace, its not me that's bored I was just stating the fact that guys come off as d!cks when they say do a search and when they complain bout answering x vs h pipe etc. Just like you said 15 years of archives but there hasn't been much relevant progress in the world of the 5.0 as far as the average Joe is concerned. The bulk of the people on here are probably "bolt on" mechanics and aren't investing 100k dolla on an 8 second street fox. Sooo here's the point one more time, all the do a search stuff is petty. Since everyone should just do a search and there are 100 mustang forums w 20 years of archives we should quit posting new threads and just use google.
  7. like ta ask ya. do you know john connor???
  8. You're welcome to do just that if that is your preferred method.
  9. This guy..... I'll leave ya w this and let go: When I stated nothing new was going on w these cars wasn't a complaint. The complaint was directed to whomever said they were tired of reading and answering the same old questions over and over. I guess what the gist was more like, what do you expect? (directed towards ones complaining about seeing the same ole stuff) there hasn't been a whole lot of new products, no new mechanical problems, etc w these cars in decades. So to them I say get over it or get a brand new car, the same questions will continue to be asked w the same answers given. It's just the nature of the beast when it comes to a 20 yr old product. Oh ps: got the new mmff mag and saw the mention of the 8 sec street legal fox on the cover. Doubt ill read it though, I'm too old to be a dreamer hanging Lamborghini posters on my bedroom walls.
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  10. I honestly don't mind the simple how to and which is better or what do you think threads. It just tells me that there is a new generation of Mustang enthusiast coming around and are eager to learn. Yes they could just do a simple search but asking themselves and having feedback is just one of the many ways we connect with new members and share our vast array of knowledge with the younger or newer crowd.

    I find it inspiring when young kids ask the questions that seem to be no brainer or so simple my wife might be able to find out with her laptop and a glass of wine.
    Not because of their lack of know how or simply not doing a search but the desire to learn and ask. Which is one of the reasons I became more active in here again.
    I have noticed a pick up of youngsters and newer members more in the last year than in the previous 5.
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  11. I agree w you whole heartedly. I kinda enjoy the no brainer because it gives me a chance to actually answer a question. You pretty much summed up the point I was trying to make that and the fact that folks need to ease up on the that topic has been beat to death attitude. I mean pretty much only new never been asked before questions would be something about a current trend or fad. Ie: what do you think about black wheels..??
  12. I am only here to help! I understood what you were trying to get at and I understood the confusion with noobz. Tried to throw my .02 in and clarify how I see things.
  13. Thanks man
  14. Not a problem.
  15. Don't understand the change. Someone arbitrarily decided this was better for the group?? As I said before, trying to talk with people with similar cars is much harder with this change. I like fox body cars, have a fox intake on my car. There was/is a comradery on the 94/95 talk forum that I fear will be lost with all the fox posts. There aren't many regular 94/95 regular posters, but I fear (just me I guess) that it will be lost. The "I just had a child" etc......, the personal side will be gone and for me it is a big draw. I have friends here that I've never met.... kind of strange huh!!
    You can say I am old and just don't like change.... True I am old like my car, in a sense.
    My .02 cents again.

  16. Steve, I'm guessing that one big "room" is easier to manage and maintain than 2 smaller ones for the powers that be. Ie: instead of having to monitor 2 spots deciding if its the correct type of post for the correct section they can watch the one. It's the way of the world I guess, kinda like at work when a change is implemented to "make things better" for the masses but in actuality it is usually geared towards making life a little easier for management.
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  17. Oh and Steve, yes the intimacy will be lost. There are two post at that moment that I will use as an example: fastest kb mustang that has 296 replies and "then and now" which is a process thread that has received 250 some odd replies. I haven't read them but I'm sure there is some good info and opinions but w nearly 300 replies I'm assuming its like check this and that out but im not going to start from page one to find out
  18. :cry:

    That's all I see.

    I must be the only person who still has no idea what the rest of this forum looks like because I bookmark the forums that I post in, so I never even see the home screen and never have to navigate through all the other crap.

  19. That's actually incorrect. The way that the majority of the staff view the forum doesn't differ if there's just one forum or a thousand. My list comes up in the order that they're posted. Very similar to what you see when you click on the "spy" button.

    The bottom line is that the forums are arrange the way that they are now due to repeated requests from the membership to reduce the total number of forums. As always, you can't please everyone.
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