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  1. Yeah... if we can set it up so that a member can presort an entire forum based on subjects like:


    Then we kill two birds. Fewer forums and no complaints that someone can't zero in on the subject matter they're interested in. :nice:
  2. combine all talk sections into the derailers; more activity.

    thank you
  3. How about spell checker? When I click the spell checker on my browser, all inputed text disappears. It reappears once I disable the spell check :shrug:
  4. What browser are you using?
  5. IE. Its the google toolbar spell check.
  6. Give Chrome a shot or if you're dead set on running IE, go to and download and install the checker from there.
  7. I had a 94 Gt Conv rear Saleen S351 Spoiler, Bumper Cover, and the Tail light covers, I now have a 96 Gt Conv that I am doing the same things to but can't find the tail light covers anywhere. Does anyone know of a company that makes the Saleen Taillight covers for the 96-98 tail lights. Saleen doesn't make them anymore but there has to be an aftermarket reproducing them. Can anyone help with this please??????
  8. First.... you're posting in the wrong forum. Take a little time to look at the forum structure so that you're asking your questions in a place that you're most likely to get the answer.


    Are these the tails you're looking for?



    Look familiar?


  9. I need some help. i cannot go full throttle in my 89 mustang and its an issue. i think my front cat may be the problem because some stuff was falling out of it the other day. i need a solution soon so i can get some speed. Plz help!
  10. Post your question in the Fox Technical section.
  11. ok...i signed up for some advise....JUST bought a 1993 Cobra...always thought how cool they look with aftermarket cobra rims.,,, to my shock....these cobra rims DONT fit Cobras and only fit GT?? WTF?? and all the cobras I thought I saw must have been GTs in COBRA skin,,,so does any company make rims for the cobras with the offset I need? or do I have to change rotors,,axles,calipers, etc etc....
  12. Pose your question in the 79-93 section. You're currently in the forum feedback and testing area.
  13. Where did the Forum Search option go ? :shrug:

  14. Top right hand corner. White window that says "search" in it.
  15. ha, I blindly missed it - thanks!

  16. No worries. :)
  17. Hello - How do I upload a profile photo. Or, do I even have that option?
  18. What are you trying to upload a photo of/to?
    Are you talking about as an avatar?
  19. I would like to replace the existing generic profile pic with a pic of my car.