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  1. Avatar abilities will be open to you when you've reached OFFICIAL MEMBER status. It's a participation based system.
  2. Got it. Thank you!
  3. I am new to StangNet and having trouble with navigating. I posted an add to sell my 2003 Mustang GT, and need t make some new changes to that add. How do I simply make those changes then re-post?


  4. You do not have the ability to edit your own posts. That ability comes with an OFFICIAL MEMBER account. Those are earned through your interaction in the forum and require some time to attain. This is necessary to prevent our classifieds and forum from becoming a depository for SPAM.

    If you need to add information to a classifieds ad, you just post that information in the same thread by creating an additional post.

    If a classified ad that you made just flat-out disappears then it's likely because it was posted without all of the necessary information required by the forum. If you're not sure what those requirements are, then click on the link at the top of your page when you enter the classifieds forum. There's a link that takes you straight to the guidelines in the announcements at the top of your screen.
  5. New feature subscribers ( if you are in fact who you say you are o_O ). Check this out:


    If you want to quote only a portion of a previous post, you no longer have to copy the whole thing then erase what you don't want.

    Just highlight the portion that you do want and you will see the little pop-up with the ( + Quote | Reply ) button. Nice time saver when when responding to specific portions. It inserts all of the necessary BB code for a normal quote.
  6. I don't seem to have a quick navigation icon at the top or bottom. It's tricky to navigate.

    Also, I'm looking for a General Mustang Forum and there doesn't seem to be one here. You can only talk about the specific generations. Is that right?

  7. There are lots of quick nav buttons:


    There is the main navigation panel highlighted above in the large circle. To the right you will find a small icon that opens up a quick nav panel. You will also find one of these at the bottom.
    As far as topics go, generally folks gravitate toward the generation of Mustang that they own. Some folks belong to several sections and own several generations of Mustang. Obviously if you have questions about a Fox Mustang, you'd start in that forum. If you're just shooting the breeze then try the off-topic forum.
  8. When did the main forum page format go from a top-to-bottom list to this godawful tiled format? Is there a way to change it back to the old style?
  9. I'm not sure what you mean.
  10. When I have my window maximized it looks like the picture attached.

    When I have a smaller window they are "stacked" top down like they used to always be.

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  11. That is because all of our templates now, are dynamic (auto-scalable) depending on the actual pixel size of your screen.

    We may need to tweak it a bit so that the scalability is a bit more predictable but you'll have to be patient... My primary machine has bitten the dust so I'm going to be much less "in the guts" until I find a suitable replacement.

    Add this to your list an remind me of it again in the near future.

    Also: You can minimize those forums and sub-forums that you don't want to see on that screen.

    I spend the majority of my time on the New Post screen. It gives me a snapshot of activity across the forum.
  12. I'm a bit of an old timer who just recently came back to SN. For some reason, my signature vanished, and now all I can throw back in there is text. I used to have a link to my car's pic, and a little bit of extra stuff as well. Am I somehow only allowed to use a text based signature now?

  13. Take another look and see if it's still the same way. It looks like you had lost some of your post count, probably do to the crash of The Squeaky Wheel.

    Holler if it's still not acting right.
  14. Nice! Everything is back to normal. Thanks!