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  1. Just wanted to say whats up around here, I have been reading up on these forums on and off for about 1 year and a 1/2 and I finally got another stang a 1989 Lx 5-speed. I have been researching on what set-up i want to approach. Up to now just building up a nice little motor you know nothing to crazy and a little nitrous. Its going to be a street/strip but mostly track. Im looking for a little car that will get me from 0-80/ 20-100 (Not for Highways!) Well thats it for now see you guys around :nice:
  2. Welcome to Stagnet (officially)
  3. welcome! and


  4. And, vids. :D
  5. .
  6. And or SoundClips... lol
  7. And or nude pics of girlfriend.