Progress Thread New Foxbody toy

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  1. 3E13Gc3I15L95F55Mad28d8f2c6701a001950.jpg 3n43K73Md5N45Fd5M3d292b79ec8b02b41613.jpg 0216031427 (1).jpg These are the pictures of my new car. 88'GT converted to LX. BBK CAI, BBK Shorty headers and H-pipe, Flowmaster 40's. C4 tranny with 3500 stall and .410's. Got the car for a steal IMO, and its gonna be a little summer project. Looking now to add a H/C/I, and a shot of gas. Let me know what yall think!
  2. That's a badass truck! Haha. The car is nice, too. Little too much cowl though.
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  3. Nice and clean car! Mind me asking how much you consider a steal? :)
  4. i got the car for 2500 as it sits. And in my area, thats a really good deal. Most paint peeling stock fox's with flowmasters are 4k.... And thanks on the truck. its got a pretty good built 390 in it, runs real strong.
  5. I like the car! and for that money you can't go wrong.. Nice Buy!:nice:
  6. Pics on the 390??? I've never seen anybody swap a 390 into a '92-96 Fseries
  7. yeah i can prob get you some. Its my buddys truck, hes all into em. Got 2 79' shortbeds both lifted and swapped, and a Ranger lifted as well lol.
  8. It's all good no worries...Anyways, pretty good deal on the fox.
  9. Definitely a good deal on that car! Got it cheaper than I got mine for lol.
  10. Oh and it got the 5 lug conversion. What sold me was the interior is VERY clean, and a few of the mods done are pretty tasteful. (5 lug, C4 and stall) and its adult owned.
  11. Looks pretty damn good minus the cowl, nice grab! The truck looks awesome too, I'm interested in pics of the 390 as well.
  12. No one likes the hood?! I love it! My question is why the GT to LX conversion???
  13. Lighter and more aerodynamic maybe? Not sure, just a guess. I know its lighter though...
  14. It's lighter and looks a million times better IMO...
  15. it was converted before i got it actually, but yeah i prefer the LX anyway. And i also like the hood haha
  16. I think people maybe dissin the cowl hood because it's a little tall and hard to see over when driving.
  17. eh. it aint that bad really.
  18. Think mine has the same hood...don't bother me any... except when it flew up minus hood
  19. most people are commenting because it's a 500-hp cowl on a 200-hp car.
  20. I see, maybe the PO is a poser or aspired that kind of HP. Who knows