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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by rushcanuck, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Hello, Im new to the forums. just bought a 1989 mustang LX hatch in pieces and have been slowly piecing it together over the last month. spending a lot of time in junkyards and autoparts stores but im nearing the light at the end of the tunnel I think. harness is almost completely installed, engines now in and bolted down.


    engines in, new radiator, hoses and waterpump.

    set of mac headers i picked up for $60 used because the car came missing the passenger side header and I couldnt find a wrecker that had one. already removed all the smog stuff off the motor. simplified the vacuum lines which on the harness most were cracked

    to do/buy list:
    install headers
    need to find a HEGO harness as the car was missing it
    cone air filter
    electric fan setup
    coolent temp sensor
    air sensor (the one under the plenum in the intake runner
    ignition module
    oil change
    fill rad with coolent
    set timing
  2. all up and running by now?
  3. yep, shes my daily driver now
  4. good deal!
  5. I prefer to run mine sans broom handle :cool:
  6. car looks good, where in BC are you ?
  7. thanks, im located on van-island in nanaimo.

    just pulled codes yesturday and got codes 33, 44, and 94? Ive got my smog equipment removed but she appears to be running a bit rich
  8. So ive got a set of rims and tires on her now, very happy with the looks.


    now Im looking at getting a set of flowmaster chrome LX tips, flowmaster 40's, and a eibach pro-damper kit with sway bars and camber adjusters.