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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Alex Solano, May 29, 2014.

  1. New member I have NOT got a mustang yet but id love to have an input on some things a 2012 mustang gt 4.7 might have I've been doing some car shopping around and these are my two top contenders a 2014 3.6 camaro rs and a 2012 4.7 gt they are amazing vehicles I just want to hear both of your sides and what better place to come then somewhere where mustang people chat please let me know the upside to having a v8 never have I had a v8 and test drove one but just didn't have the acceleration that the rs had. Didn't seem to have that must HP as the 323 that the camaro came with... But came with more torque.. Let me know please would like your input like what are the ups and downs thanks :)
  2. 3.6 camaro is a v6, anf the mustang mustve been a 3.7 v6